Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (17)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (17)

She looked at the Duke in case there was the problem, but he was staring at her with a look of outragousness. She was frustrated to see a face colder than the cold morning air. It seemed as if the duke was straggling her neck. 

Erin was overwhelmed and regretful, re-raise the dagger again. Maybe needs more drop of blood everywhere else. Suddenly, the Duke approached her and caught her hand as she tried to stab her hand again, holding her wrists.

“Stop it!”

The Duke, who held her hand down and drop the dagger, lifted her wounded hand. As the blood dropped from the palm of his hand, his brow was furiously frowned.

“What are you doing?” 

“Look, I can’t do anything about it. Now you know I didn’t do magic, right?”

The frightened Erin struggled, but the Duke was not listening. When he looked at the wound in her hand, he pressed hard on her wrist to bleed the blood from her strained wrist which was more painful than her wound, and she groaned.

“Oh, it hurts.”

“Of course it hurts. To stabbed yourself so ignorantly. “

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who tried to cut my throat.”

The peacock stopped moving when he muttered in dismay. Erin belatedly looked into his face. Did he get angry? She opened her mouth to make an urgent excuse.

“I knew I could not do it anyway -“

“I won’t kill you.”

But the Duke cut her words and muttered.


“You slept with me. I’m not going to kill you.”


“I don’t kill a woman who mixes me with flesh. There is the honor of the knight.”

Erin was dazed. What are you talking about? Every time he see her, he swing his sword to her like killing a bug. The Duke made an impression when she looked suspiciously at him.

Erin pouted her lips as she lowered her head to avoid the glare of the increasingly blinding look of his eyes. 

“It’s not that I don’t believe in knights. It’s Lex, not Your Grace.”

“…..what? “

“I shared my body with Lex. My husband. “

“Then what am I? “

The Duke swiftly raised his eyebrows and suddenly stopped talking. Then he growled, gazing at the air.

“Oh, that’s why you stabbed your hand so desperately, isn’t it? You don’t want the magic to unravel. Is it right to get rid of you, too, right? “

“Ha, but you just said you’re not going to kill the woman you slept with.”

“You said it was the other who shared your body with you?”

“You know, I do it with Lex.”

“That’s why I said I wouldn’t kill you.” 

“But you just said you’d better kill -“

“You said I was the one who shared your body with you, not me. Oh, shit, what am I talking about? Just shut up!”

The Duke twisted his face. Nevertheless, in a conversation like a song, Erin was trying to stop him anyway.

The silence subsided in the greenhouse. The Duke took a long deep breath, rummaged through her body, pulling out the sash of the gown and began to fix the wound on her hand. Erin looked at him because she couldn’t believe him taking care of her wounds, asked smally. 

“You really won’t kill me, will you?”

“Yes. “

“Can you make a vow?”

“I do not swear to anyone except His Majesty the Emperor. “

“You did it to me. Last time, you swore kneeling down the other day and said will make me happy. “

“That’s not me.”

The lowly snarling Duke eyebrow twitched. Erin blinked and whispered without confidence.


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