Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (16)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (16)

Rowan looked suspiciously at the woman who stood under the moonlight. A woman wearing a robe in a thin cloth and trying to stab herself in the hand with a dagger in the middle of the night was suspicious. But he knew she was not capable of magic or sorcery. 

No matter how much he recall, when he first met her, she was helplessly in the face of death. It was a real thing that she couldn’t make up, seeing so many dying people. The painful tears and frustration she still had in her rusty eyes were vividly remembered. 

And finally, the face that smiled shyly at himself before he went to sleep.

It is vivid that the body that was hanging desperately for the pleasure and whispered with a face which was dyed in red color.

“I love you, with all my heart.”

Oh, sh*t. Why do you think of that now? It didn’t mean it to him. That’s what he said to the man who was enchanted. But the sensation and feeling that held her, and the memory of excitement when he heard  her confession, were all his. He rejoiced as if he had the world, holding her in his arms and happily falling asleep. 

But he suddenly woke up, and the sense of loss that was pushed on him was much more vivid than the memory of happiness. Feeling the lukewarm temperature left in the space next to him, he went out looking for her without realizing it. 

When she was not seen in the bathroom and bedroom, he became increasingly desperate to ask the night watchman to find her. And at this moment, he found Erin, who realized he believed in her. 

That Erin loves him. To be exact, ‘he’ is out of his mind. 

He did not even hurt her, even though she was stabbed with a sword. He do not know why he might hurt her. She was scared and shivered, but when she saw him, she looked as if he had done it.

If it were the same, she would run away or take some action when she had the chance, but she did not do anything. She only kept him and claimed innocence. Come to think of it, it was like her who was out of her mind.

Rowan put his hand on his temple, it wasn’t clear how to deal with her. For him, it was the first time he had ever had to face neither an enemy or a teammate. Erin, who had no idea what magic it would be, was too dangerous to ignore. He wanted to send her away, but the moment he remembered her, it was clear that he was going to get her back. Besides, he couldn’t ignore why he felt weird every time he saw her, as he did when he treated other people. 


Suddenly, Erin stabbed herself in the palm of her hand with the dagger. The sound of her moan sent red blood rushing up and down to the floor. Her body trembled at the sight of her blood. The heart fluttered  as she slid down on the ground. 

Erin opened her eyes slightly. Her hand hurt. It was just as painful. There was no dazzling white light, and there was only a quiet silence everywhere. There’s definitely blood on the floor. Did the Duke step on it and the pattern was erased? I searched the floor two times, but there was no place that was lucky to be erased. So what’s the problem?


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