Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (14)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (14)

This time, a startled Erin blared unknowingly. The Duke, who had flinched and shook his shoulders, hurriedly shook his head, holding her hands in his hands, and making excuses.

“It was a long time ago. We broke up before I left for battlefield. “

“You broke up. Didn’t she waited? “

“It was annoying to wait. I do not know when the war will end. “

He was a little annoyed, but Erin asked him the most difficult thing.

“So why did you meet you today?” 

“She want to establish a connection with the Port of Duan in order to run a business in the Palladine family.”

“Will you?”

“No, I refused.””

“Well, can I ask why? “

“I’m bothered. I already have enough.”

She had no idea that he had a fiance long ago. Erin, who was very surprised, chewed her words multiplied and asked again.

“But why are you so kind to her?” 

“Huh? Me?”

“You were smiling. “

When did I smile- oh, I talked about you. “

“Yeah? “

“She heard the rumors of our marriage, so she asked if you are pretty. I told her that your beauty was so blinding.”

Er-in looked at him blankly with her mouth open. And she looked down and sighed loudly as she was dressed in her own clothes. I’m so pretty as to be blind… …if it’s nothing to see because of jealousy… … 

“Can I sit next to you if you’ve warmed up?”

The Duke sat close together and asked, looking at Erin’s gaze. She covered her face with her hands in the rush of the bowels and nodded. The Duke lift her up to his lap and hugged her closely. Then he removed her hand and soothed Erin, touching her eyebrows and eyes as he had always done to her.



The castle with its owner sleeping in the middle of the night seemed as if there will be crawling of a huge beast in the dark. To keep the beast asleep, Erin went to the greenhouse with a light footstep. At the entrance of the mansion, the bordering the perimeter, the guard guarding the entrance to the mansion, spotted her and greeted her, she greeted back with a slight nod and pointed to the greenhouse. 

Often, whenever she doesn’t sleep, the knights who know her habit of spending the night in the greenhouse escort her up to the front of the greenhouse and disappear like the wind. 

Luckily, the moonlight was so bright that there was no need to look closely inside the greenhouse with a lantern. She squatted and looked down at the pattern after clearing the potted plant that had been laid on the floor. She took a small knife out of her arms and opened her left hand.

Erin, who was shaking and agonizing over her hand with a dagger, swallowed a deep sigh. She thought that cutting raw flesh would really hurt.

Hying, she closed her eyes and raised the dagger high, even as she made a pesky puppy-like cry.

“Ah! “

But just before the dagger reached the palm, someone grabbed him by the wrist. Looking back in anger, the Duke in his gown stood looking down at her, with his back against the moonlight.

“What the hell is this?”

His face was shaded with no expression. But the cool, cold atmosphere was threatening enough. 

The Duke, who had forcibly stretched her hand and threw the knife away, leaned down and grabbed her shoulder and raised it up at once. 

“I, Your Highness…”

Erin murmured and he let her go and took a step back.


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