Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (13)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (13)

“If you’re talking about Cain, no, I’m just saying that my scarf was hit by the wind, and he happened to see it and I’d pick it up.”

“How do you know him? “

“Mary told me that he was famous among the ladies.”

When she answered without a clue, the Duke raised his mouth as if it were outrageous.

“You’re choking.”

“What, what? “

“It’s a dirty trick, but it’s sloppy.”

“……I’m sorry if you’ve lost face because of my outfit today. It’s a coincidence. I don’t know him, and I don’t know more about him, especially the woman who was next to you.”

It wasn’t the time to be jealous, but Erin said, unable to bear it. However, the duke, who had been struggling, only stared fiercely at her with a puzzled look on thinking that she had no intention of answering his questions.

Er-in belatedly realized that Mary had never seen the Duke treat her like this. And the pretty girl would have seen her get dragged.

“By the way, Your Highness. “

Erin swallowed a dry saliva, facing the Duke’s gaze.

“If you change your attitude towards me like this, people will think it’s weird. “


“I will never think of magic until ….”

“Wouldn’t you?”

“I’m sure you think your love is strange. You should have been very nice to me. Maybe it’s a double personality, maybe it’s a pervert or a sadist.” 

“I’m a sadist?”

The Duke cut and growled her words with a frown. However, in a fit of anger, Erin, who even brought up the words she had read in her book, said all she had to say.

“That’s right. You said it was a fake marriage, but I don’t like it either. If you had treated me like this from the beginning, I wouldn’t have married you even if I were dead! This is a fraud! “

“This woman is really- “

The Duke rose from his seat and leaned toward as if threatening  her. He must have been very angry to see that scar on his eyelash and the bloodline on his forehead were already visible. Erin covered her face with her palm and curled her body tighter. The belated regret was thrust in. Jealousy blinds me, am I going to die?

Suddenly it became quiet. In a familiar silence, the Duke bent down and raised both hands as if he were in prayer. 


“Yes? “

As she and his eyes met, the gently blinking Duke carefully held her hand.

“Why are you angry? “

Look, this is a scam. Erin smiled awkwardly and shook her head in the midst of a wave-like surge of wind.

“I’m not angry, i’m going to ask. “

“Ask me anything. I’ll answer everything. Just don’t get angry, okay? “

You’re the one who’ Though it was unfair for a while, Erin asked quickly for a chance.

“Well, what’s your relationship with her? Lady Palladine. “

“Oh, it was my fiancee. “



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