Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (12)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (12)

The Duke frowned at her and approached her straight away to her side.

Erin stuttered at the Duke’s cold eyes. His eyes were too fierce to pretend to not know.

She wanted to escape, but the Duke stared straight at her with his arms folded in front of him.

“Your Grace, I’m- “

“You know him, Your Highness? “

While Erin hesitated, the woman who followed the Duke asked. She was even prettier when she saw her closely, and even her dress and accessories were of the highest quality. Erin was the first to regret her shabby clothes, dressed up to hide her identity. As if to show off she hook her hands to the Duke’s arm, the woman put up her lean hands in white gloves and put an explicit sneer around her mouth, looking at Erin. 

Erin was speechless with a sharp sense of jealousy and inferiority. I didn’t want to say here that she was his wife. Her shabby clothes were relatively too embarrassing.

“It is called Erin Samed.”

She hesitated and gave her maiden name. In hindsight, she wanted to bite the tongue, but the words had already gone out of the mouth.

“Oh? “

The duke scoffed briefly. 

He had a strange eye on her, as well as her maid beside her Mary, and his assistant, who was standing in the back of the Duke. Erin turned her head away from their eyes. She wanted to get lost in the gutter. As if by chance her own eye was protected by his. He stepped forward.

“Lady is shy, she’s attractive, she’s not like trying to seduce a man like someone else, is not she, Lady Palladine?”

“What do you mean? “

He ignored the woman, who was frowning, and spoke only to the Duke.

“Mercia is still  buzzing with the enchanting romance of the Duke of Peruka. The honor to know the beautiful Duchess, Your Highness, when will you give us the chance?”

“It’s still noisy.”

The Duke dismissed at once and keep staring at Erin. Despite his ferocious gaze, she shrugged her shoulders and stepped back.

“I think you’re busy, but I’ll just excuse myself then.”

Erin hurried bowing down and turned her back, but within a few steps her arms were held in heavy force. The Duke grabbed her wrist, pulled it and said in a threatening attitude.

 “I’ll give you a ride in the same direction.”

“Yes? No, I -“

“Miss Samed, it will not be the time to bounce.”

The Duke dragged her with force and stepped away. She always chased almost every time he walked fast. She looked back and looked at them with a grin of embarrassment . Mary, in particular, was almost contemplative, and she chased her self-awarely. 

The horseman standing in a wagon weave with the artist’s emblem embroidered, his eyes shook when he saw the two. As soon as the horseman opens the door hurriedly, as soon as she caught up, the Duke who threw her inside almost immediately followed her and slammed the door.

Erin alternately rubbed her knees and wrists that had been caught against the chair, huddled in the corner of the chair. The Duke sat opposite her, his arms folded and his head slanted. 

“What’s you planning at this time.” 

“It’s not a plan, it’s just a coincidence- ” 

“By chance? Did you follow me by chance, and you accidentally met your lover Viscount Zevahn?”

 “My lover?”

The Duke looked at her face and made an impression.

“Do not you know?”

“… … Yeah.”

The Duke, with his mouth closed, stared at her for a long time. Then he asked again with a slightly softened tone.

“What are you doing here? What’s with that look? “

“I’ve come to see the harbor. You’ll look so conspicuous when you came here as a duchess that you’re dressed up like a little bit more than other. You’ve never seen me dressed like this before.”

“What about Zevahn?”


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