Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (11)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (11)

However, from the first time this man when she saw his clothes, he had no fault with Erin or Mary, the maid. Though it was not so low if it was with a statue of the Count. Does this guy have a stumbling block like her own, or is it all good if he’s like the rumor?

Erin hesitated and answered cautiously.

“No. It’s a very difficult situation to say hello to right now.

It is very much like this. She bowed to her own work, moved her foot, and unwittingly saw the peacock. But her eyes were opened wide for a moment.

He was standing with an assistant, seemingly bored, holding the other woman’s hand. The Duke’s attitude was very courteous, just bowing down and holding her hand and kissing her back hand. Naturally, the woman which was kiss by the hand was the best beauty, with her slender blonde hair, slender figure, gorgeous and elegant dress.

Mary followed Erin’s gaze with a glance and then took a short breath.

“Why is she here……”

Hearing her murmur, Erin bit her lips.

Oh, the Duke knew her. So what are you two doing?!

The Duke was walking this way, holding the woman’s hand and escorting her. He looked friendly and as if they were a couple. She could not believe her eyes, because he laughed so beautifully to someone other than Erin. Erin was shocked because she had never seen the Duke so friendly to anyone other than herself who had been like a birch tree in the middle of winter

Mary couldn’t help but squirm and her mouth was swayed as she clenched her fists. She seemed to have something to say, but she was hesitant to say anything. A man who had been ignored by them spoke from behind.

“You were interested in the Duke of Peruka? Oh, there was Lady Palladine, too. What’s she up to here? “

“Lady Palladine? “

When the man muttered as if he knew the woman, Erin looked at him as the sound of the wind swished her hair on the road. The eyes of the woman with her eyes wide opened, and the man seemed to be surprised for a moment and laughed.

“Are you more interested in beauties than a handsome man like me?”

What did you say. Erin smacked her lips and turned her gaze toward the Duke again. Then she was surprised at the distance that she was closer to him than she had thought.

“Let’s go.”

She grabbed Mary’s arms and hurried to carry her feet and move her body, but at that time, she was stripped of her hair scarf by the wind.


Mary tried to catch the scarf, but it was quickly blown away by the mighty sea breeze. The man stepped out and jumped out.

“I’ll bring it!”


The Erin cried out, but the man had already gone that far. To the crowd full of people. As he sprang  away to her, the duke, who found her, stopped his foot.

She turned her back more hastily to the Duke standing side by side with the woman. It’s strange that you’re not guilty of running away, and you know that, because there are others who don’t know if you’re a Duke. 

While she was agonizing, a man who picked up a scarf in front of the Duke greeted him loudly.

“The Duke of Perukas”

The duke, who was talking to the woman, seemed annoyed and ignored the man. Then suddenly he turned his head and looked at Erin exactly. It was a gentle gaze that she felt as she watched the back of the car. Mary, who was standing next to her, paused and hurriedly bowed her head. 

Erin could immediately that when he glanced from her head to toe, raising his eyebrows unexpectedly. 

Oh, the magic has been unleashed. It was a big deal.

“What is it?”


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