Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (10)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (10)

She wanted to see for herself how different his appearance was from what she knew when she was away. It was impossible for her to watch in the castle without his knowledge.

“You have to be careful because the ship that just docked will discharge down all at once.”

Mary visited with her friends here a few times and led her. Seeing a smart, good-natured maid made her envious for a moment.If she had been this smart, she would’ve done a lot of things already. After all, Erin herself seemed to have a bad head and optimistic without countermeasures.

Oh, i’m depressed. Erin swerved around, and Mary covered the marina where the people were coming down.

“There’s the Duke over there. You’re a beautiful man, aren’t you? You can see from afar!”

Mary was right. Although surrounded by knights and people, the Duke was superb in his slender frame and fine features.

Around him, two or three young women were peeking at the Duke in pairs. When Erin looked at them, she opened her eyes and laughed at them.

“You must be really good. In fact, if you’re in charge of your position, you have two, three of them are basic, you know only your wife. Look, the other girl does not even look at you. “

‘Don’t you just treat people as such, don’t you?’


Erin mumbled to herself as she watched the Duke eagerly. All he had to do was stand there, stare away, sometimes beckoning and pointing fingers at dryness. He didn’t even look at his assistant, who was explaining it hard, or to anyone who were bending over. He looked very cold and arrogant under the assumption that he was a stranger. When she first thought of his impression, she thought it was a good thing to say.

‘Yes, that’s what it’s supposed to be. Especially not just me. In this situation, I doubt myself.’

Erin, trying to comfort the Duke. But looking at it was cool on the other side. Aside from his handsome appearance, the Duke was clearly revealing the presence of the ruler in the atmosphere of the crowd.

“Oh, it’s a golden bee!”

Mary suddenly covered her mouth aftet letting out a small scream. Looking back, the blond-haired man was carrying a large sack on his shoulder and coming towards them. He walked past them at a quick pace, and he came back and stopped towering their heights.

“Uh, ladies. We’ve met before, haven’t we?”


Mary hesitates. She greeted the nobleman with a sense of foresight, whether she should ignore his words.

“Oh, you recognize me?”

The man looked at the two alternately and smiled brightly. She felt the other day, that he was a really good-looking man. And he was still an informal outfit with a button on the shirt, unfastened and rolled up sleeves..

Nodding to Mary, he stared for a moment at Erin, who was avoiding the gaze. Then he dropped the load on his shoulder and said politely.

“It’s a coincidence that we’ve met like this, so why don’t you tell me Lady’s honorific name? I am the second son of The Count of Zevahn, Cain.”

He was asking her name formally, as he did to the aristocracy, unlike what he had said lightly before. Erin hesitates for a moment. She was not able to reveal her identity because of this, but the man who had no sense of retirement persisted and she lied to her.

“Do not you have to go now?”

“Oh, yes, excuse me, my dear.”

Mary greeted the man with a difficult look and took Erin to lead her away. The man who was ignored, however, chased after him and politely asked.

“Lady, did I scare you?”

Erin blinked and saw him. It was a strange man.

In fact, she came to the Mercia Empire and struggled to avoid meeting the nobility. She stayed in the castle with an excuse for her illness and homesickness, and she did not thoroughly meet outsiders with his consideration. It is the door when the habits of the aristocracy, from the small principality of Favin, were her birth was already and issue of being an illegitimate to a Count. In particular, it was heard that the difference in the identity class of Mercia was further.


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