Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 2 (1)

Part 2: The Frozen Snow Melts (1)

Erin woke up early in the morning. She use to sleep in a separate bedroom, but yesterday the Duke and her sleep together and she couldn’t find him maybe he was already up. She smelled the fragrance of his body from the empty space beside her and couldn’t sleep any more, so she decided to go out for a leisure stroll alone without waking up the maid.

The castle in the morning was very quiet.

As she walked around the dew-down path, she accidentally found the peacock practicing swordsmanship alone in the training ground.

‘You’re a very diligent man who’s a husband. If you are handsome like that, maybe I’m not  good enough? ‘

Er-in was caught gazing at his broad shoulders and fine muscles, which seemed to be drenched between the his movements.

“My Songbird!

As soon as he saw her, the Duke ran toward her with a bright smile. When Erin backed away when she saw a sword in his hand, he stopped a few steps ahead and clicked his tongue.

“Oh, my Goddess, are you surprised?”

The peacock, who threw the sword at the floor, turned around the railing and smiled at her. He laughed at her surprised face, forgetting her surprise at the sight of him the whole night yesterday.

“Didn’t I bother you?”

“How could that be? A cute bird flew in and it came flying to me!”

She walked well with both feet, and she passed by accident before when hearing him, but Erin was not ashamed now that she had become accustomed to the honey dripping word of the Duke.

She saw him holding her hands and facing her who could not take his eyes off. She thought, “Why don’t she learn simple self-defense with a sword?” She don’t know when the Duke will change his attitude again even though he likes her now.

Every time the magic was unleashed, the fear she has for the Duke when he tries to kill her and she was not able to speak properly. Even if she died, she would have to die when she could say everything.

‘And you don’t know, do you? When my wishes are fulfilled, the Duke may not hate me because he trusts me.”

She spoke carefully, and the Duke readily agreed. He said he would teach her himself.

When she saw herself holding the sword, he began to teach her proper posture, when he switched it into a wooden sword.

The result was disastrous.

She wanted to earn time to say a few words when the Duke tries to kill her, or at least not fear the sword that was aimed at her. But even that was too much wish.

The basic posture alone was too much for her, and when she started her strike with her thin sword wielding movement her limbs pulled and she began breathed with difficulty. The Duke was relentless in speaking sweetly, she could not trained properly.

“The posture is beautiful. But your wrist is exposed before the sword. Raise it higher, more. Up higher. “

After a short while, Erin, who was breathing hard, finally lowered her wooden sword.

“I have to stop. I don’t have the talent for this.”

“Stop it if you’re tired, I guess I have farce you too much.”

“No, I can not do it.”

The duke who unconditionally praises her, but also made a difficult look that is unavoidable in this case, and did not deny what she said.

As she sat on the floor, he hurried up and laid down his jacket, and he fell on one knee in front of her and faced her. He looked at the her sweat and muttered.

“I’m going crazy because you’re breathing so hard. I think your breath stutters me.”

His hand, wiping the sweat off her forehead, gently stroked her cheek. Erin leaned her face in his hand and said, with boldness.

“No, I was tired yesterday night.”

“Just close your eyes and I’ll take care of it.”

The other hand of the Duke stuttered her waist. Erin laughed and pretended to threaten with the thin sword she had put before him.

“I’m holding a sword, Lex. You have to be careful.”


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