Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (9)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (9)

“I love you.”

As the peak of pleasure passed, Erin confessed as if to vent her innermost feelings inside her heart. He hugged her as if she were priceless. She shoved her head into his warm chest and strong arms.

“I really love you so much.”

If she could put his heart in her voice, she confessed with such a desire to reach his “heart.”

“I love you more, my songbird.”

The Duke, who had been stroking her back and looking at her eyes, whispered in a low groans. Erin caressed the scar on the end of his left eyebrow, which only she knew. Tears streamed from her eyes without realizing it. Even though she tried to suppress it, her ungrateful greed suddenly brought her grief.

“No, you do not.”

“It’s not like that. I know you – “

“I love you so much. But you’re not the Duke, are you?”

Erin used this as an excuse to vent her heartfelt sorrow.

The Duke stopped his movement. She was surprised when the Duke, who thought would speak intensely his love with her again and tell her ‘I Love You’, badly frowned with his brows.

“Your Majesty?”


His face, which had turned against the light, could not be seen in detail. Perhaps that’s why his small reply sounded cold for a moment. When Erin stopped and looked, the Duke slowly reached over her cheek.

“My heart hurts when you cry. Why are you crying?”

His touch was so friendly and tender. But her heart cooled rapidly and her body trembled. As his hand glided to her neck, Erin called him back in a trembling voice.

“Your Majesty?”


“Your Majesty?”


The Duke replied in a low voice, without a hint of annoyance, as she continued to call. But Erin quickly backed away, pushing him hard.


The Duke leaned back and bent his eyebrows. She pulled the sheet over and shivered.

“Sir, surely?”

“What’s wrong, huh?”

He murmured, and the Duke stretched out his hand and smiled soothingly. But Erin stepped back to avoid him and shouted in a choked voice.

“You keep calling me ‘Your Majesty,’ but your not correcting me!”

The Duke stopped the motion with a flinch. And the picturesque smile faded without a trace.

“Oh, dear.”

Wearing his tongue with an expressionless face that seemed to have cleared his emotions, he said while collecting his arms.

“I’m warning you, as you speak. Don’t call me by such a pompous name.”


Her eyes were dimmed. The Duke’s eyes flashed coldly in the bed. Her body trembled with the life that was coming out of her.

At first, it was the Duke pointing a sword at her.

Wearing a gown that fell by the bed and looking back at her, her eyes met with him. In an instant, she felt like she was struck by the abyss going down from the heaven.

The Duke came at once and looked down at her with great pressure and inquired quickly.

“What have you done to me?”


“Quickly answer. What the hell did you do to me?”

As he was staring at Erin, who cracked his lips, he gritted his teeth and reached fiercely. The peacock’s hard fingertips moved menacingly, as if to grab her slender neck. If he didn’t get the answer he wanted, he was ready to choke. No longer able to see his frozen eyes, she closed her eyes tightly. Tears that stopped in unbelievable reality.

But nothing happened. There was no longer a Duke strangling her, nor a cruel prying for answer.

As she opened her eyes, she could see the Duke’s face in front of her. He was looking into Erin, with his head bent and his waist down. The Duke bit into a small question when their eyes met.

“Are you all right?”

It was a worried voice. Instead of looking coldly, he looked worried and concerned. He grabbed her hand, which was clutching the sheet. As she faltered and flinch, the peacock hurriedly pulled out and stepped back. But asked in a very worried voice.

“Where does it hurt?”

“Oh, my lord?”

“Erin, it’s just the two of us. Why do you call me that? Did I do something wrong? Is that why you’re angry?”

His face crouched looking over her.


She tried to put up with it, but she couldn’t stop it. He stretched out his arms as if to hug her, and when she shook, the Duke backed away with his fists in his lap.


Erin, who had been crying for a long time, hug his neck. The duke, who seemed to have waited, dragged her into her arms at once.

“Why, why are you crying?”

The Duke’s arm stroked her back while she was sobbing, she was unable to speak properly.

“Please don’t cry. I feel like my heart is breaking with your tears.”

His consoling voice seemed to pierce Erin’s mind more sharply. She realized. For a moment, his magic has been lifted.

Erin hugged the Duke’s neck and cried bitterly.


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