Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (8)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (8)

Erin nimbly touched the silken thread of the silk. The chest part of the long dress was almost unfastened, and the thin green silk flowed gently along the curves of the body.

“I think there’s something more to hide because my breasts are small. “

She looked down at the silken dress gown, which looked too mature for her small, thin figure. The maid, who was trying hard to tie her wavy brown hair behind her, chatted consolingly.

“Don’t feel too awkward, Mistress. I’m sure the Duke will be pleased, too!”

“……Will he be?”

“Of course! Your Majesty always see  you as a beautiful lady! “

Erin smiled lightly, recalling the duke, who laughed at her hair as she walked around in the daytime. She knew that her pretty face was a normal plain face, but when she look at his enthusiastic attracted, she felt like she was a beautiful woman.

“Yes, I hope so.”

“Today surely a baby will come on his way.”

Erin’s smile quickly faded at the mention of a baby. I was well aware that the maid said it for her. But it hurt her heart.

She hadn’t met him a few times that she was invited to the castle, but she still knew the Emperor was not happy with her. She had no background or support and as an enemy she was like a prisoner in this kingdom, and without the love of the Duke, she was like a candle in front of the wind.

So the maid wanted a successor who would strengthen her position. She also wanted a baby that looked just like the Duke.

Now her wish was almost fulfilled, and there was only one left.

However, the last wish will not come true. Magic won’t lead to new life. It was a certain foreboding. Unfortunately, her premonition has never been wrong.

‘But if you desire for more here, you are too greedy.’

Although he was a duke to love only to her voice and figure, he was such a perfect husband. Even if she dies right away, a short year with him is worth more than 20 years before she met the Duke.

“My wife!”

When he got there, the bedroom door opened and the Duke went in for the night. He began to get closer as if he it was not enough he had a little closer in more quickly. The maids quickly left and the doors closed, so only the two of them were left in the bedroom.

Erin rose from her seat, calming her pounding heart, to greet him.

“Your Highness, thank you so much for the flowers.”

“Say. I told you to call me Lex when we are alone. “

His voice was soft and correcting his title as he told her.

“Yes, Lex. You’re busy tonight, but I hope I did not interfere?”

“I always say there is nothing more important than my time with you.”

“Thank you for telling me so.”

The act of holding her hand and sitting on the bed was gentle and sweet. He was dressed in a gown and soon became a newborn. Then he gazed at Erin, took the time, carefully stripped her clothes, and kissed every corner of her body.

 “You have a beautiful body, anywhere is beautiful, so don’t be scared. “

On the first night, when she left everything to him in a hot fever with her eyes closed, she was able to read his breath, hand gesture, and those gestures were like a dream in the time when he took everything to her.

Erin was excited to be in his firm arms.

She heard from the housemaids that they had a lot of husbands who only filled their greed, but he was so perfect in bed. His reactions were attentive and moved only with permission. As much as that was enough, but the love deepened, the body responded more enthusiastically to him accordingly.

He was soaked with sweat, biting her, but he was so loving to keep up with her. Now his body and mind all seemed to want her sincerely.


As the love for him gets hotter, my heart has cooled down. Even though their body is so close to each other, and she was so happy. She don’t think she’ll have any regrets if she die right now.


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