Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (7)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (7)

What? He couldn’t help but doubt his ears for a moment. Lawrence, who understood what he said after a while, had to bowed his head to try to hide his expression of rotting face. The reason for the Duke’s return to the castle was obvious.

They’ll be there to get to the edge of the sea, so he have put the battle against pirates he hate so much aside to join his wife today.

“Oh, I can’t really be used to it!”

It’s already been a year, but the duke’s wife was like someone else. It was even more so because the Duke that he had been with through all of the war battle was never this enthusiastic.

Perhaps it was because he had been raised threatened by hostile forces since childhood, and the Duke was relentless in classifying people as enemies, or allies, even if they were former camaraderie on the battlefields. If they were enemies, he would destroy them, and if they had lost their usefulness to each other, he would attack them. There was not a moment’s hesitation in calling and hurling a person into action without emotion. Men and women, old and or not.

Not only that, the duke was insensitive to himself, so “work or sleep” was all he could do without a single touch of personal life or hobby. Even the beautiful women came in like a stone in the street. On the contrary, there were times when he was angry that he turned annoyed.

So I once worried about the work that seemed to be accompanied by the emotions of the aides, that he grew up in a harsh environment and changed into ‘stone’, not only the heart but also the symbol of the man.

He never thought he’d turn into a different person when he had a wife.

Technically speaking, it wasn’t changed. The Duke still shows no emotion other than anger or irritation to anyone but her. It’s just an increase in the classifications of enemies, allies and wives.

Lawrence was shrugging and climbing on his horse, and the Duke came back and stared at him.

Oh, why again? Surprised Lawrence quickly took his stance straight. Then the Duke commanded and went on.

“When you get back send the flowers. Have some white Delphinium to be mixed with it.”

“Yes? Oh, I see. I’ll instruct the butler to do it.”

‘Cecilia Palladine* will cry out when she sees this kind of Duke.’

[Palladine – I’m not sure about the surname will let you know if change or not but for now we’ll used the one in manhwa.]

Lawrence felt embarrassed and fumbled unknowingly. If the Duke had not spoken of the flowers before, he wouldn’t even know what they were.

Lawrence recalled his past memories of the Duke calling the name of the flower.

Even when he saw a broken hearted girl who was hiding in his room with only a large and small flower instead of a dress, the Duke commanded him to exclude that weed “pull it now, because it’s annoying.”

“Why are you angry?”

When he told the Knights that he was going back, one of the knights looked back at him with astonishment and asked.

“What’s the flower? Have you even ordered flowers over everything? Huh?”

Lawrence, who was trying to refute, was at fault.

The Duke was watching the castle far away from the horse, gritted rum and spewed life out of his eyes, something very unpleasant. Like He was on a measure of an amount of thought to be exhibited on the battlefield.

The head of the knight, who was right behind him, stared straight at his eyes, but he could not tell what he was thinking.

Did he think the pirate he left behind is in his mind? However, the duke does not have that personality, when he decided not to do it once he would not really do it. And even if he did, he could not even see his own castle.

When he established himself as the LORD, he was full of strength even in the hands of his knights. Some unconsciously raised their hands with the sword. 

However, the Duke raised his eyebrows and gave a good look at his back, then said indifferently.

“You must be feeling more energized because you can see it.”

Lawrence and all of the knights were instantly silence. 

‘What is this sense of  discomfort?’

The Duke was breathing but was not wary of his surroundings. Judging from the fact that he blamed the knights, he didn’t do it on purpose. Lawrence gave up on understanding. The reason why the Duke was so strange did just began a day or two days ago as he tought.


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