Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (6)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (6)

“Your Majesty?”

They called each other once, it seemed to be unbelievable, and the Duke rushed in with the sword in his hand.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Were are you injured? “

Erin got up slowly and stood up. The duke helped her with his hand.

“You look very different.”

“Sometimes you see my hair in the bedroom, is not it?”

The Duke grinned as she responded quickly in bewilderment.

“Not, very lovable. It’s like a bird* with a bunch of feathers. “

[Bird* – lark or songbird was the specific term but here general term was used]

Erin was relieved to see his smile. After the magic enchantment, the Duke do not smile at anyone but her.

“I only took Mary with me because I wanted to make it  quick. So I asked her if she could pretend I’m not inside.”

Erin carefully asked, and the Duke nodded again with a look that would listen to any request. she is completely safe.

“But how did you know I was there and stop the carriage?”

“Have you no idea?”

He stroked her cheek with a soft touch. Erin’s hair was distracting, but she pretended to be elegant, and she looked at his face with care, he was leaning toward her and smiling.

“I’m going to stop. I don’t want to interfere with your work.”

Still, when his hand persistently touched her neck, Erin caught it lightly and dissuaded him.

“Later. I will to meet tonight.”

“Well then, my little songbird, I will be your cage later, and allow me to hold you in my arms. No matter how beautiful you cry, I will never open the door.”

The Duke took a few times and before getting off the carriage, kissing the back of her hand regretfully.

‘I do not think songbirds are real anyway.’

How can the Duke make such a cheesy words all right? Whenever a Duke say this, it was understood for a moment that people looked as if they had seen a ghost. Erin, who blew a ball of red-green, beat the carriage, thinking, “I’ll change to a kitty and make a decision.”

‘But you’re mistaken, aren’t you? He looked different at that moment.’

“Your Majesty? Are you all right?”

She had a suspicion that he had cold eyes even though her eyes met his. Even looking straight at her, he said ‘a big dog.’However, she looked at the carriage with regret and immediately shook her head as soon as she checked through the window. His eyes were as sweet as ever.

“Your Majesty? Is she all right?”

The chief aide of the Duke, Lawrence Rezil, spoke carefully to the Duke who did not intend to move for a single day, even though he could not see the carriage anymore.

“Is there a reason why it’s not alright?”

But the Duke, who turned only his head, asked him as if he was mad. His usual voice was a heartless, with a scary look, but at the moment he seemed in a bad mood. Lawrence, a longtime aide by his side, responded right away frightfully because he could notice the subtle difference.

“No, sir, Your attention have been looking at the carriage for a long time, so I asked if there was any problem.”

“Attention? If I could live in a carriage, I’d already be dead, and I’m not too fast. “

The irritated Duke’s voice fell to the floor. Lawrence stepped back and stepped back again, but he could not help but shed tears because he could not understand the English words.

What’s wrong with having a duchess inside a carriage driven by a maid? The Duchess often walked out to town dressed as a commoner and there was Knights to accompany. 

Lawrence just don’t know that he was the only one who knows. On the contrary, the act of the Duke, who ran into the carriage as if he had been hiding a mole even though he knew it was his wife, was unexpected.

“I’m sorry, Your Highness. I’ll be careful from now on.”

There was a saying, but it was a loss if it was against the planting of the Duke. As Lawrence hurried back, the duke, who did not even see him, walked to the white horse.

“I shall withdraw.”

“So what about the Coast Guard?”

“I’ll be there tomorrow.”

Once he had replied, Lawrence turned his head on the uncaught master’s attitude. Suddenly something happened, he suddenly have something to do, taking a seat at the border and seeing a pirate popping out but instead he was leaving and withdrawing?

The Duke grabbed the reins on the white horse, and he ordered him heavily turned  at the strained Lawrence.

“Send a bunch of flowers to my wife’s bedroom.”


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    1. Can I mention the proper term of address for a Duke is ‘your grace’, his grace, her grace being third person duke then duchess. A prince is highness a ruler is majesty usually. It could be a Korean thing but it looks odd in English historical style. Use or not use as you like. Thanks for making the effort with ths. X

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