Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (16)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (16)


It was like the horror of suddenly getting off at his feet and plunging into endless darkness, and the overwhelming sense of loss he felt when his parents died. In a word, it felt like a cold wind that had been stripped naked and frozen to the bone without leaving a single thread.

“Lex! Lex, are you okay? Do you want me to call the doctor?”

The woman held his arm with a small hand. He acted instinctively. He tried to break her neck by reaching out to the wrong feeling beside him. She looked so terrified that she didn’t say anything back at all. He didn’t seem to know what he was trying to do to her.

His headache, his heart beat like a person’s on the run. Still, he had an aversion to his hand to get rid of her instinctively threatening him. No, she told him. But when he realized that the expression in her green eyes was not fear, but worry, he immediately let her go from his hand.

 And Erin was wrapped in light and glimmer. When he see her every time. 

Rowan seemed to be crazy about her again because she looks adorable.

‘But is that magic?’

Rowan wondered if he was crazy. It’s magic, and there’s something else there. But no matter how he think about it, he can’t deny it. The moment he tried to kill Erin, he vividly remember the white light that circled across the floor. And there was no way to explain otherwise that the woman for the first time he saw that he fell in love with her.

He did investigate Erin Samed. He couldn’t find anything strange at all. Visionary and non-slumbering mate was a singularity that worked for them. She was born as an illegitimate child of a noble family, and live a maid in the castle, where he was beaten and disregarded, and it was all of it in her life before she met him. He noticed that her mother was a gypsy, but even with if he dig deeper, she was just one of the Count’s concubine.

There was no luxury or small matter at all, and there was no quietness in the castle, because Erin who said to aimed at the Duke of Peruca family was there. So far, the only thing she was greedy about was Lex and the greenhouse. He have heard she books, but they’re all crap-like romance novels.

[My Songbird, hold me in your feather.]

He was so ashamed to read the passage that was roughly hand over to him. He knew he called Erin a songbird, when he was out of his mind. When he realized where it came from, he felt so embarrassed that he wanted to remove his tongue. If you’re sane, you can’t even get a knife in your throat.

Nothing has changed. Only the ‘self’ when it is about this woman changes. But everything is changing.

Rowan looked at the woman who had fallen asleep with a murderous intent.

‘Wouldn’t it be better to get rid of it quickly when you’re distracted?’

He can simply kill such a feeble woman now. But he have experienced many times that he can’t kill her. He is losing his mind as long as he truly is willing to kill her.

And Rowan honestly started to get curious about this woman.

She fell asleep this defenselessly next to a man who was trying to kill her. It was usually impossible without having any fence. Even the most powerful and outstanding Rowan of he military was not confident.

She was genuinely terrified in the greenhouse, to say that he couldn’t kill her. He didn’t even have a will to kill her anymore.

No matter how old-fashioned the murders are, Roan was not so cruel. ‘Young and old’ was at least killed as cleanly and as fast as possible.

This woman is so soft and pure that she can’t kill a fly.

And damn well, being his concubine seems to fit in. After a love affair, his body was still hot because the heat hadn’t cooled down. The feeling that a woman’s body felt sweet was just a memory, but the physical sensation left behind for a sane Rowan was reality.

Rowan looked at the woman and reached out and covered her completely with a blanket. Then he got out of their bed. If he watched her any more, he would go crazy for a variety of reasons.

“Lex? Where are you going? “

But he heard a woman’s voice just before he touch his feet on the floor. When he looked back reflexively, he encountered the green eyes that were less awake and orthodox.

Then, her eyes began to glow. His world around her has become glorious and brilliant, too.

“My Songbird, are you awake? I’m thirsty? Shall I get you some water?”

Rowan had to listen with his eyes wide open as he heard his own voices that drips honey coming from his mouth.


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