Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (15)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (15)


It was only after early night that Rowan was released from magic even for a moment.

It was her second day of marriage a week after she got married because of his consideration for her inability to adapt easily to their activity. The sexual desire did not die down easily after several more time of owning her, who was in pain because of her broken virginity. However, unlike his body who craves for more, his heart was filled with a feeling of fullness and happiness that the world seemed to have. It seemed that he was watching her blinking her eyes.

The light of the moon that entered through the window shined on the thin shoulder, and the smooth skin show it to him. It was hard but she tried hard to accept him fully. As she fainted during the process of their intimacy, he did not like her sleeping face, but she was cute enough for him.

Erin was a beautiful blessing on his world, which was boring and despicable.


She suddenly opened her eyes and called him in, as if she had felt his persistent gaze. Lex was a name he was given off when he was a child. As she called for him in anxiousness, he was soothed on that early night.

Rowan reached out and patted her head loving his nickname that came from her mouth. With her head rubbed like a puppy in his hand, she whispered in a small whisper.

“Now you’re my husband?”

The title for him, the expected warm body temperature, and the affectionate voice were asking him.

She tried all kinds of hard work throughout the month, but she always took a step back and rejected him. Rowan had not have enough to destroy her country and family, so he locked her in a castle and made her his bride too. No matter how good he was, he could not easily give his heart. Nevertheless, Erin said with sincerity.

“The truth is that I’m still afraid of you, and I feel good when I see you every day. If you smile at me, my heart is pounding. I was so happy when you asked me to call you Lex. I think I like you too.”

His heart moved none the less as he heard the confession while looking at her sparkling green eyes. His heartbeat is so loud that it might be heard.

And incredibly, at that moment, he was out of his mind.

The feeling of awakening after falling into the peak of love was the worst thing to say. Like a bad hangover, his head hurt like it was broken, his chest felt it was bruised, and the inside where his heart is pounding rapidly.

“What’s wrong, are you sick?”

When he grabbed his chest and bowed his body, she was surprised and asked while rising up. Rowan didn’t realize what was wrong, but he only know of one thing.

There is this woman by his side. The feelings related to his memories with her ran quickly in my head like a horse running on a landscape that  disappeared without a trace. There was no beginning or end.

“What is this?”

He came to a place of disgrace.

He married a woman who tried to kill him, and he had gone to bed with. Up to that there was a political marriage of justice. But as soon as the love he had felt for her disappeared like a tiny dust on the wind, there was a terrible vain emptiness that was thrust in his heart.


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  1. Ohhhh! The webtoon is already on the part where the scales between Lex and the Duke are balanced so having a much more detailed perspective of when he woke up from the infatuation is really nice.

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