Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (14)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (14)


When the magic unravels, does it go back to the beginning and feelings for me disappear without trace? Does not even the memories together stay? Lex, where did my Lex go?

Erin shouted at him with all her might.

“Don’t do this to me with that face!”


“Whether it’s killing me or torturing me, please have my blind my eyes first!”

The duke’s sword rose in the air as she shouted this things, her falling tears hit the back of her hand. Her face twisted strangely as she stared at him. She felt angry, she felt dumb.

Anything was not important to Erin. She stood on her feet, struggling with extreme despair. The Duke seemed wary of her, and Erin called him mournfully at the last moment of her life, him who aimed precisely at her neck.


The Duke, who was facing her eyes with tears, roared.

“Cut it out.”

“Lex! I love you!”

She cried imploringly and closed her eyes. She don’t want to die, even if she were to die. It was her own will that she will never regret her time with him. Hot tears sprang up and ran down her cheeks. Her mournful confession reverberated in the greenhouse like the wind. Soon there was a silence as heavy as the weight of death.


A soft, cautious voice like a lie broke the silence and called her. Unable to believe her  name to be called in a sudden, which sounded like salvation from despair, Erin slowly opened her eyes. The Duke was bending over to her with a sword. Instead of his expression of indifference, he looked at her and the sword in his hands in a mixture of anxiety and embarrassment.

While Erin blinked blankly, the Duke, who took a step backward in a hurry as if he did not touch the sword, put the sword in the scarab immediately.

“Le, Lex?”

Erin called carefully, and he nodded and bit back.

“You don’t look good. Are you okay?”

Surely the magic had returned. He frowned as he quickly scanned her anxiously.

“Why am I holding a sword?”


Erin, who barely escalated her relief, realized he had never remembered how the Duke threatened her. She sucked and tried to answer as much as possible.

“Well, since I thought I saw something scary, you pulled out the sword. It’s not here any more…”

However, her voice was filled with fear and she groped relentlessly. Erin put out her arm as a test, and he quickly held their hands together. She felt a firm and strong force on her hands, but unlike before, she was not afraid at all. Gradually her mind began to calm down. 

“Why did you fall like this? Were you so scared. Uh, my songbird?”

Yes, you were really scary. Erin, who has become increasingly bitter, looked into Lex’s eyes and suddenly raised the image of the Duke a little while ago. Come to think of it, his eyes were originally darker and more green.

In the duke’s arms, then Erin lifted his hands together. And with a grudge, she bit the back of his hand.


The duke spoke in amazement. But Erin bit deeper, but he did not take his hand off.

“I want to hurt you, but only my heart hurts more.”

Erin, who could not give more strength, let go of his hand and grumbled. His hand, which had been left a mark on it, did not moved and the Duke, who was wiping her mouth with his fingertips, smiled.


“No, my hand hurts, too. I don’t know what it is, but do you want to bite more? Will that make you feel better? “

“No, I never want Lex to get sick.”

“Huh? “

“”I have a favor to ask of you. I’d like to call you Lex in front of everyone. May I?”

“Yes, it’s me. It’s good. I like everything you do and like.”

A smile on the Duke’s face was caught by her eyes. Erin walked side by side with him, touching the left side of her teeth mark on his hand. She was choked with grief but pretended to be calm. 

His magic was definitely breaking.

Is it because Lex’s love is becoming more hot and a very cold glass of the original Duke revealed a gap for him? The magical balance broken by the temperature difference grew and the gap revealed the original Duke. The gap between the two sides will grow larger and bigger. 

Erin had an ominous premonition that this would happen more and more often in the future. 

But she can’t run away. There’s no place in the world where she can live with her heart beating. She chose him for everything she had to put up with and the result was all she had to endure. Even more so if it is the price of love gained without effort.


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