Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (13)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (13)


“I guess it wasn’t urgent. Tell me when you think of it.”

“I’ve never done this before.”

Except for the “magic” that attack him out, she’s never seen him forget anything, but Erin led him out of the greenhouse with a smile. It was difficult if he ever saw the pattern on the ground.

“I’m so glad you found me. Shall we have a cup of cool tea?”


As soon as she tried to shut the greenhouse door with a lively talk, the Duke groaned briefly behind her. Looking back in astonishment, he looked back inwardly, she saw him standing tall looking inside.

Seeing his gaze on the floor, Erin tried to close the door in a hurry.However, the Duke extended his arm and blocked it.

“I’ve got something to say.”

His voice whispered in her ears in a low voice. As soon as she looked up, she ran straight into his cold eyes.

Erin, who instinctively felt a sense of crisis, tried to step back. But there was no room to escape with the door touching the her back and the Duke blocking it.

“What are you doing in there?”

His speech was harsh. The enchanting Duke glared at her with eerie hostility. Erin swallowed her dry saliva and desperately tried to pretend to be all right.

“What are you doing? I was just taking care of the flower plants.”

“Flower? You can only see weeds?”

“Too much! The weeds, they curse my lovely flowers.”

“Don’t insult me. You know right, I’m not your ‘Lex’ right now.”

The Duke stretched his hand slowly and wrapped her thin neck. He just caught her and she could not move anymore, but she was more bothered by the feeling that her breath was blocked by fear. She was determined, but this kind of hostility was scary and frightening.

“I don’t know.”

Erin dodged his gaze and rushed out her words.

“It’s no use asking what I have done. Me too! I really don’t know! “

The Duke snorted and gave strength to his hand.

“Do you want me to believe that?”

Slowly she felt dizzy. She was shivering in unfamiliar cold, but Erin was courageous and confronted him. She seemed to be hurting herself if she stay still this way. She squeezed her voice out.

“Do you think I’ll be doing this if I know?”


“Would you just sit there and let the magic hit of you go on like this!”


“Don’t you remember at all? The moment you tried to kill me in Favin, what happened? “

The Duke squinted his eyes. He seemed to be recalling based on what she said, because he stopped strangling.

Erin looked painfully at his face. The scar on the end on the left eyebrows, which was not normally visible, was prominent and emphasized with a more violent impression.

He looks so different than she was used to. It was the same deep and beautiful eyes as Lex, but because the eyes were different, the scar looked grim and the lips that were red and sexy seemed cruel because of ridiculing.

He paused for a moment and briefly breathed out.

“So, is that magic?”

“What do you remember?”


Suddenly, the Duke briefly answered and suddenly push the door open and pushed her hard in. Erin was pushed into the open doorway and fell on the floor. The Duke came in the greenhouse then pulled a sword from the waist dance.

“Well, it’s all your fault, so I just to kill you.”

Erin looked at the sword with unbelievable eyes as it shot in the air. She couldn’t believe it. Why all of a sudden did the magic was released all of a sudden? No, is she going to die like this?

In a brief moment in his own hand, a great idea flashed through his mind. A blade flew right under her nose. Erin was frightened and closed her eyes and stopped breathing. But as time passed, no pain was felt. Instead, his voice touched her ears clearly.

“You really don’t know.”

When Erin opened her eyes, he swung the tip of the sword at her, as if to gauge where the Duke would cut. With no expression on his face, an eyes full of animosity like an enemy were gazing at her like a bug. He was a man who had just loved her awhile back. Erin suddenly became so sad that she went beyond being scared.


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