Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (12)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (12)


[Magic is similar to making bread in a big way. It uses flour called ‘main material’ as its main ingredient and kneads it with ‘Witchcraft’ and bake ‘magic’ in the frame of ‘magic’.]

Erin opened the hard-won magic book and was lost in agony. It was easy to explain in the title of [the magic for children learning easily].

What the hell is that? All she could offer in return was her life and body.

No matter how hard she looked at her body, there was no change in the any corner. She don’t think she’s dead, so maybe she turned young?

Suddenly she was frightened and pulled the mirror, but the face has the same small nose, thin lips and has of the same dark green eyes was unchanged as yesterday. She quickly turned the next chapter.

[The more complex the pattern, the larger the corresponding consideration is. The price must be of the kind commensurate with the desire, which is essential to the expression of magic.]

The same kind?

She understand that the magic of killing or saving others requires a corresponding life. But what about falling in love? Marriage? What is there the with this kind?

She do not know anything. The spell-books that were sought after hardly had much to say in this way. Eventually, Erin began to search for the kind of pattern, handing out a spell-book. Remember the magic pattern on the big circle, across.

“I need some land to sow! Suddenly I wanted to grow flowers!”

Mary, who came running when Erin made a loud noise from the enemy, opened her eyes wide. She hurried out of the room before she could hear an answer.

She thought it would be a good idea to be a witch if she painted a pattern on empty land. It was a time of disbelief in magic, but the flames were repelled. Some parts of the country burn witches that are known for pouring curses on others.

If she put a pattern on the blank ground, she thought it would be nice to be misunderstood as a witch. It was an era in which the magic was not believed but the thought was rejected. In some areas, it is known to burn curse witches.

You will find out when you try to sow the seeds and plot them in a large piece of land  on a wide area.


Erin has renovated a glasshouse in the very corner of the castle. She nailed her own space and prevented anyone from approaching her. She do not know when the magic illusion breaks, she tried not to leave her traces so far, but she could not help but notice.

She put a tall plant on the wall and tried to draw the heart out of the inside, and began to draw the pattern on the floor in the greenhouse. And.

However, the completed magic pattern was an unusual pattern that could not be found anywhere in the spell book. There was no way that the sloppy wizard could have detailed all kinds of pattern. Erin had to think about it.

Let’s reenact the situation at that time. No, but what if some kind of mysterious magic kicks in the wrong direction?

“Can I help you?”


Erin, who was sitting on the floor and crouched in various paintings, was stunned by the voice from behind.

“Are you all right?”

The hurrying Duke grabbed her hand and raised her up. She looked up at her husband, quickly covering the picture with the hem of her skirt.

“Why are you here?”

“I went to your room and they said your are in the greenhouse.”

“Did you find me? Really?”

Er-in opened her eyes wide because she couldn’t believe it. It was surprising that he had been looking for her first because he would forget his wife if she wasn’t in front of him. There was little time to be with the Duke for two months except for the night which was their time for bedroom activity. It was embarrassing to see him in such an unexpected place, but the first thing that was good was to see him.

“Well, by the way … … “

The Duke seemed to be in trouble.

“I thought I had something to say … … “


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