Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (11)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (11)


“My Songbird, are you taking a walk? I wish I could have gone with you.”

“You’re busy. I’d be happy to ask you if you’re free.”

Erin ran into the Duke at the entrance of the castle. As soon as he found her, he ran, held his hand, dragged her down from the horse and held her tight.

His face was full of joy. Holding her in his arms, he swept his cheeks away, as if he had been dying to see her. Then the peacock looked into her eyes and frowned at the moment.

“……Did you cry?”

“No, I did not.”

Erin quickly denied it and tried to turn her head away from him, but his hand, quietly wrapped around her cheeks, with strength.

“My Lord?”

He stared up at her, wondering for a moment.

“Why did you cry?”

His voice sank low, and the Duke of last night came to mind. When she tried to pull herself away, he let her out of his arms and asked carefully.

“Yesterday, too. Did you really feel sick?”

The Duke’s face was concerned and worried. But her heart was throbbing heavily in her chest. When the magic is gone, the sword may be lifted again towards her. She was afraid of the hatred that was in that Duke’s eyes than the possibility that he would harm her.

She faltered back and the Duke knelt down at the moment.

“My Lord!”

As the startled Erin shouted, he bowed his head, with one knee touching on the floor. Mary and other maids and knights around. They all knelt down along the their Lord’s. She was left alone, all were kneeling on the floor.

“Come here.”

The Duke with his head up reached out to her. Erin, hesitatingly took a step closer and held his hand, he then said, while giving a light kiss on the back of her hand.

“I don’t know why you cried, but my Songbird. I just want you to sing happily, not crying of tears, in my arms. I’ll do better. I’ll make you happy happy. I love you. I love you, Erin”

A desperate glance full of deep affection, a soft, low, but so heartfelt voice, rang her heart.

Erin could not say anything. His company and his confession, which I had heard several times, seemed to bless her for now. The warm feeling filled her in and warmed her up. Her love for him fluttered out She loves him, too.

Her seething heart spilled out of her mouth unintentionally.

“Me too, My Lord.”

“Erin. Call me Lex.”

“Lex, I love you.”

Erin turned his hand over and bent down to kiss the back of his hand. He was a stranger to her.

I’ll love you forever. 

The Duke, staring at her, sprang up and lifted her up. Then he took a quick walk toward the building. 

The employees, who were caught up in the couple’s love – play affair entanglement  and was still on their knees were left behind, faced each other and trembled. When he saw his wife, he stretched his head down kissing her on the forehead while he was walking away, her face flushed in red.

“What are you doing, not a day or two? Let’s do what we did! “

Mary, the first to notice, was the first to clap her hands and rushed to pursue them. The others stood up to their knees and moved in find their own work to do.


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