Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (10)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (10)

She asked Mary to come along as she looked at the mountains that seemed to be jagged from the walls.

“If you go that way, the forest of witches comes out?”

“Yes, I heard it’s only a day’s ride along the mountain path. It’s like a place full of dark energy.”

She answered politely, but with a look on her face, Erin slipped away with a smile. 

“I saw a witch in the book yesterday. Is there really such a thing?”

“Ay, my Mistress. Magic or sorcery is just a made up fairy tale.”

Erin wanted to refute, but she nodded yes.

Erin’s mother was a gypsy wandering around town, and she was excellent at divination and making amulets. Because of her beautiful beauty, she was unfortunately caught in the sight of Counts and forced become a concubine. She gave birth to Erin, and died after suffering from the mistreatment of Countess.

Her mother would hold her little girl in her arms and tell her stories of witches and magic. I was so young that I almost forgot my mother’s memory and what she said, but she couldn’t forget her face that was sadly ill. And the last will…

From the time she heard the will to look straight into the eyes of the the grim reaper, Erin had a premonition that she would not die comfortably. That made her wish her desire in a specifically and tenaciously. But she didn’t know it’s going to happen this way.

Even though she had never seen anything like magic or magic, she was fortunate not to hesitate to believe in her mother. She actually seeing magic every day.

“But the world is full of strangers, so there is not a real witch?”

Mary nodded politely when Erin asked her.

“Yes, Mistress. But magic seems to exist even without a witch or wizard who does the magic.”


“You’ve completely changed the Duke’s personality! We call it magic!”

Mary, who knows nothing, stabbed in. She was surprised, but She pretended not to hear anything, and she remembered the Duke of last night. The rage towards her was really awesome. It was even more scary than the first time she saw him. A sense of outrageous betrayal was more terrible than fear. A loving eye, without was long gone, the Duke saw her as an enemy, and hinted in his eyes which full of hatred.

But he’s back as Lex, whom she loves. She don’t know how relieved she was. She felt like she had a nightmare for a moment with her eyes wide open.

And when she opened her eyes in the morning, the Duke was looking carefully at her, stroking her hair in an unwavering manner as if he had stayed up by her side all night.

When she recalled his warm hand that touched her cheek, her emotions finally filled her with tears.

“My Mistress! What’s wrong with you? Are you sick?”

“No, it hurts. I like it. I’m so happy now. “

Erin tears keeps on pouring and muttered to Mary to hand a handkerchief.

The hired workers for the dukedom who were secretly scorning her because of her birth, changed their attitude to her in a master’s devotion. As time passed, they praised her when the Duke was changing comparing him to his former self with the present him. They were even fond of her because of her fair treatment without any fault.

But if the magic breaks, the Duke and all of them will be lost. As if she were awakened from a dream, her old bug-like life will become a reality. In a worst-case scenario, she might go back to the time where she first met the Duke and was about to die with the duke’s sword.

She can’t do anything if She is weak. So far, they have never figured out that a magic was cast on the Duke. The magic once cast can be undone at any time. She had to move in a hurry whether to run away for a complete here and made a clean break or find out more about magic.

But wouldn’t it be over if she was sad when She didn’t know for herself what the Duke really was like. His “true love” too. Erin was more sad about it than the desperation to seek a way to live.


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