Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Prologue Part 4

Prologue 4

For a year after the fall of the Favin Empire, there was a flurry of news in the Mercia Empire. At its center was Duke of Rowan Alexei Peruka, the emperor’s cousin and right-hand man, nicknamed “the envoy of the Empire.”

The duke did not lack all the conditions, including financial strength, force, status and appearance.However, his personality was strange because he lost his parents early and inherited the title.

The Duke of Peruka, who made an overwhelming contribution in the emperor’s conquest of neighboring countries, made his name in one hand in the battlefield and was known for his rude, anti-gun spirit in the imperial palace and aristocracy.

He is a better son-in-law of the nobility for the aristocracy, but he is hard to approach, and he is a wonderful man to dreams about once for the young, but he is the worst husband ever. The Duke of Peruka is a dessert with a sweet smell, but it was just a poisonous poisoned cake.

But that duke is crazy for a woman!

Duke Rowan Peruka suddenly fell in love with the woman, who went to the battlefield to cut off the generation of the aristocrat of the Favin Empire. He fell in love with the woman he tried to kill at first sight.

As soon as the Duke returned to the empire, he immediately asked the emperor for permission to marry her. The Emperor, who used to say, “I care about the Duke as much as the Crown Prince,” naturally refused to allow him to marry unreasonably.

However, the Emperor, who was not able to threaten the Duke, stay at the Imperial Palace until he recognized his wife as a bride, eventually allowed an them marriage.  There was a rumor that he even had built a new luxurious palace for his wife.

The fact alone shocked the aristocrat who was looking for the Duke as their son-in-law, and that was not the end.

Every woman’s dream of a proposal, was carried by the Duke in a different from day by day, shaking the hearts of the whole nation.

On the day she was brought to Castle, the Duke laid rose petals on the way from the gate to her room. The procession of carriages filled with silk to present to her continued on and on. Every day the duke hired musicians and played serenades for the courtship. The price of jewelry in the country soared without knowing that it was sky-high due to all kinds of jewelry purchased by Duke as a wedding gift.

After the big wedding, she became the Duchess Erin Samed, and became the center of rumors of the nation’s inner circle.

However, she did not come out of the castle, hiding her appearance. At the wedding, she was only seen by her silhouette with her veil. That is why the Duchess of Peruka was known for her small built and common brown hair.

It seemed that the history story that raged the country would end.But the magical romance of the Duchess of Peruka has become a poem from now on.


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