Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Prologue Part 3

Prologue 3

The Duke’s low, soft voice seemed to be gentle. Erin did not him hear well, she lifted her neck, which was about to be cut, and lifted her head. Unbelievably, the Duke was reaching out to her as politely as if he was asking Lady.

Erin, who was greatly upset, looked around without her knowing. All the knights that wore solemn appearance were now left with their mouths open. She was not alone.

The sudden action of the Duke of was as scary as a sword in the sense that it was unpredictable. However, curiosity won the fear. and when she lift her head and face him, the Duke reveals a smile and laughed. His face was so handsome with a glamorous smile. But in her fearful eyes, he was just an insane reaper.

‘ Why, Duke, what is this? Are you crazy? ‘

At a time when Erin was suspicious, he said politely and affectionately.

“Being rude to your beauty, forgive my sins.”

“Majesty !!”

Surprised, the people shouted around them, but he did not say anything. He came closer to her as if he was impatient. The face of the Duke waving his eyes toward her was unbearable. Seek.

“My destiny I had waited so long.”

His voice, which was extremely low and husky, felt like a lover. At the end of the Duke, the suspects were stiff as a stone, and the silence fell thickly in the air.

Erin gleamed at the glittering eyes of the dazzling Duke. He was sincere. He was the man who was about to cut her neck ready to kill her at a given moment. But in a blink of an eye he looks like he fell in love, it did not feel real. Or it is like magic.

‘Magic? Do you think the magicians would be able to…’

At the moment, a ridiculous intuition passed through his head. Clearly the Duke was penetrated by the magical light suddenly. The attitude of the Duke was changed shortly thereafter. She was sitting in the middle of the circle, and she clearly saw with her two eyes. Yes, this may be possible if it is magic.

Erin recalled the wish she had made before the magic was activated.

I wanted to live. If I survive, I wanted to do the things the things that I want to try. Yes a pretty dress, man’s courtship, marriage and love. To have a pretty child who is made from the fruit of love.

‘If this man is not suddenly crazy … Did my wish come true? ‘

“Please marry me. Master of my soul. “

The Duke said earnestly, as if to prove her conjecture. And when he began to kneel slowly to a woman who was not able to be condemned, his men shed an astonished sigh.

Oh my God, Erin fell out of strength and crushed her upper body to the floor.

If her wishes were made, it was so practical that the Duke was enchanted with magic.

If this man in front of me could hear her long wish at once. They can be spared, wooed, even married.

‘Is it really my wish? Through that man? why the hell?’

Erin looked up at the Duke and whisper through her heart.

The peacock that was colder than the northern wind in the middle of the winter, kneeling down, and gazing at her passionately with a lantern of love. It is burdensome. There was another sense of fear.

She stooped and fell back, but the duke pushed his hand closer to her.

“My fate, come and hold my hand, take my heart.”


The Duke, who fell in love, obviously didn’t even know her name, so he called her the master of fate or the master of the soul, or a ridiculous word. It was a young man whose jaw dropped from behind the Duke over there who called her the descendants of Count Samed. 

Erin hesitated at his hand, but the agony was short. She could do anything to live..

She reached out her trembling hand and closed her eyes and grabbed his hand. Wet hands moist with her sweat, large hard hands firm and smooth.

She grabbed him tightly.

The face of a delightful smiling Duke was like a lie, as if it was light of magic.


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