Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Prologue Part 2

Prologue 2

There were too many things I wanted to try. I could not wear a pretty dress at a blooming age. I had to wear that pretty dress and take a man’s courtship. I wanted to get married. I also wanted to have a beautiful child to be born from the fruit of love and hold it in my arms.

‘Please help me! I want to do something like that! ‘

Erin was so nervous at the moment that she looked up at the Duke with tearful eyes. She did not mean to beg him for mercy to live.  Please help me, because there was only one who would listen to her fervent prayer, ironically, that he was going to have her life. ‘Please do my wish! Please please! ‘

The Duke and her eyes met in the air, and at the moment he paused for some reason. Meanwhile, her poignant tears slipped off in a ball and fell over with the blood of her lips, with a fit. 

As if the dew fell on the petals of a red rose, the blood trembled, and soon began to mix with tears in a small circle.


As the lightning struck, the fumble flashed and the white light exploded.

In a moment of the bright light, Erin closed her eyes. No sound was heard in her ears. After a while, the light slightly weakened over her eyelids, and she carefully opened her eyes to gave a looked. The entire floor of the hall was full of pure white light and was wriggling. It seemed to be submerged in white light.

The light that exploded was exactly encircling around her and the Duke, and it was rapidly spreading in a pattern. Surprisingly, people outside of light were stuck in motion, like pieces made of stone. It seemed as if the time had stopped as their eyes were all unblinking.


The duke in the circle was staring at her with a surprised expression. She was surprised to see all of his eyebrows raised, but it was just overbearing enough. Erin was terrified and had to put her head down. She had no idea at all what happened.

Except just one thing.

The magic circle with the spell was activated.

‘for what reason? What magic was done? ‘

While facing the eyes of the Duke, the pattern of light was completed and the light stem stopped.

And in front of her, a thick strand of light came out from the center of the pattern. The sharp light flew like an arrow and penetrated the chest of the Duke. It was where the heart is.

As if the Duke was shocked, he trembled greatly with his eyes open. The white light of the circle brightly illuminated the whole hall as if it were burning its last power.

The door of heaven seemed to open.

She closed her eyes when the light became lighter than when it first appeared.

There was no sound, no movement. When she opened her eyes again, the light seemed to disappear without any trace.

The time that stopped was beginning to flow again. The small noises that had disappeared were pushed into Erin ears at a rapid pace.

But nothing changed.

Still, the Duke’s sword was still aiming for her neck. Even the duke, who was encircled in by the light, seemed to be  fine, even his surprised expression had disappear.

‘ Is it a dream?’

 ‘ Are you so scared and was stunned for a minute? Or already dead–

It was when the Erin felt blankly looking at the sword that ran over her neck. 


Suddenly the Duke threw away the sword. He bent over and stretched his long arms. She was surprised to kill her by his own hand instead of his sword.

“Lady, please forgive my insolence “


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  1. Thank you for translating this.

    Are you translating this with the help of Google translate? I can’t read korean but I notice that Google will often mistranslate korean ‘Duke’ to ‘Peacock’, and I spot one ‘peacock’ word up there. You may want to pay more attention to every ‘peacock’ word showed up in the MTL since they will be a lot of ‘peacock'(duke) in this novel. =)))

    1. Yeah Google translation is a big help but its also translate manually just some paragraph would be translate by Google if I can’t understand the phrase or paragraph – Deanie

      1. Hello, can I help you with some minor gramatical error and more suitable word like ‘a thick beam of light’ instead of ‘a thick strand of light’? You also have some typo here and there 🙂 just a brief proofreading if you don’t mind.

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