Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Prologue Part 1

Prologue 1

“Erin Samed!”

The door shattered with a rattling sound. Erin, who was sitting on the bedside, gathered both hands and prayed, she was dragged to the hall like a bag in the hands of the knights.

She knew she had no one to help and she was frightened and looked at the around. However, no matter how she look around, the knights and soldiers who walked into the castle ground, there was no familiar face anywhere.

When the family found out that the Duke’s army was coming in, they left Erin in the castle like a scarecrow and ran away.

As the illegitimate child of the Count, only the name Erin, was the only thing she received in this family and  a lifetime of abused, saying she had inherited the ghostly blood of a despised person, a gypsy blood. But the Countess treated her as an insecticide, and whenever she abused her, she did not hesitate to put up the family name when pushing her into the death.

“With your little sacrifice, be glorious in your contribution to the family!”

She wanted to go with them, but she was dismissed but instead was used as a bait. She tried to run away even by herself belatedly, but strangely, she was hampered by the strange reminder of her biological mother’s words.

“When the sickle of the god of death sought your throat, you must look straight to his eyes proudly.”

And above all, it was too late to run away. Erin shuddered and had to prepare for her own end alone. She tied her hair in her head firmly, and took out the best dress out of all the shabby clothes she had, but no matter how much she prepared for it, to suddenly face her death is scary.

In the middle of the hall, in front of the duke, standing like a sculpture, Erin knelt on his knees, looking at her with a cold blue-eyes. He was wrapped up in a dark cloak like  the darkness, and he was like an envoy in the winter. 

In her frightened and shaky eyes, besides the knight’s sword of the Knights, she saw the blood dripping down and she saw the severed heads of the family who had run away rolling. Her breath was caught in her throat, she was surprised and almost died of a heart attack. She was horrified to see the corpses of the employees, she were surprised and turned to look at the entrance of the hall.

Erin could not look anywhere, and just bowed her head and saw her old skirt.

‘Is this how I will die?’

The knights dragged her back and the heavy silence subsided in the hall. They had a solemn look as if they were in a rituals, and they were orderly and steadfast. It even seemed so familiar.

It was already several years since the Duke Rowan Peruka of the Mercia Empire swept the battlefield, who was in collusion with the emperor’s People to conquer the empire.

He was very famous for the brutality of killing without hesitation even the babies of a noble family in the nation was considered an enemy. Erin’s native country, Favin, was also the last remaining minor stumbling block to his unstoppable path.

‘How can I face that scary man?’

The devilish Duke’s eyes looked as if she was a worm. Her mother’s will to look straight at his eyes was useless at all.

In front of him, Erin, kneeling down like a sinner, began to shiver. She tried to endure the trembling with biting her lip, but she could not instinctively control her body because of her breathing.

The Duke looked down at her and opened his mouth with an annoyed feeling. 

“Child of the Count of Samed, I will kill you by my hands in the light of the fact that you did not spoil the pride of the aristocracy and run away.”

What pride, she did not run away, but was abandoned and she would rather die to someone else. She was so frightened that she did not see the compassion of the other.

When the Duke pulled the sword at the end of his horse, she felt the gesture of death beckoning from her nose and bit her lips. 

 The blood-drenched sword of the Duke seemed to skyrocket. She was afraid. The horror of death was creepy, awful and terrible, in her scared state her booth tore her lips. Blood fell down her lower knee and drew a small circle like a red rose petal. She looked at the blood and felt faint.

‘I do not want to die like this! ‘


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