Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (5)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (5)

Or would it be okay for the Duke to forget that he had a “wife” if he doesn’t see me? Erin thinks gloomy. She shook her head furiously to shake off her depression. As a result, the scarf around her head was released, and her curly hair, which was bound up, was found to be rich. In the meantime, the wind blew hard and the dust on the floor of the market blew, and Mary cried out in despair.

“No! If your hair gets dusty, it won’t come off!”

But it was late. All the clutter and little dust clung to her curly hair and got lost.

Erin frowned and untied her tied hair. Her hair was so big that she could barely circle with her hands as if it were alive.

“Oh my gosh!”

Mary was frightened, but Erin shook her head and shrugged away the dust.

“Oh, it’s rather stuffy, but it’s good. I tied it up so hard that it hurt.”

It was better to have this rash of reindeer than to have a lot of dust on your head. Mary seemed to be wrong.

“Che, the strainer, madam!”

“Which one would think that the Duchess was going to turn up here?”

“Me! Me!”

“If you don’t shout I’m you’re madam, they won’t know.”

Dragging the mournful Mary, Erin stopped by his merchant country and booked reservation for twenty silks. She called it “on my own,” and left her conscience for a moment, though she was a little cowardly to use the information she had obtained from her husband to help his country.

“But it’s emerald!’

Erin looked at the green signboard attached to the old-fashioned and elegant building and kicked his tongue inside.

I feel it all the time, but the name that a very manly Duke attached to the merchant country was indeed strange. Is it a taste of the general public?

“What a girl’s sensibility for a giant merchant name?”

Erin looked reflexively at the sound of words that made her feel as if he had read her mind. Erin turned her head reflexively.

She squinted her eyes and quickly scanned the noticeably handsome blonde man. The blue shirt with a few buttons and crumpled trousers were disheveled, but the nobleman was clearly dressed. It can be seen clearly.

‘I’ve never seen a nobleman like that before.’

When their eyes met, the man approached and smiled and talked as if he were showing off his looks.

“Is it me?”

Erin looked around, and Mary standing beside her was looking at the man mesmerize, but his gaze was pointing at her, just as she had beautiful hair on her head, and she was a lady, Erin just shook her head.

“No, it’s not.”

“What’s not? Don’t you mean I don’t have anything to do with you?”

Everything was wrong, but Erin did not answer anymore. If the man is a noble man, she should hide her identity as much as possible in preparation for meeting in a social circle.

Instead, she tugged Mary ‘s elbow, and she was pissed off with a frown.

“Oh, it’s late! Excuse me, Sir.”

Mary glanced at the man with regret and pulled Erin’s arm.

“I’ll see you next time, ladies.”

As she walked back toward the carriage, she looked back and saw the man looking at her side.

Erin asked Mary a little.

“Have you seen him before?”

“No, I don’t! If he’s that handsome, he can’t have known me — oh, is he?”


“I heard that the second son of Count Jeba is back from studying abroad! He is very handsome and treats all women like flowers regardless of status and age. His nickname is the golden bee of the castle! What a handsome man like a cow’s door!”

[I’m not sure if it was Jeba but in the manga it was Zevahn… would do some further research please don’t be confuse]


When asked Erin, Mary, who was looking back at the old man, was whispering.

“But the golden bee master must have fallen in love with you. He have been staring at you since a while ago. Your Majesty who is a great-man is with you. How can you do this, Hoho!”

“………. Whereas? Well, my hair is like this now? “

Erin shook his hand at the unexpected remark. Mary, who had been looking at her unusually luxuriant hair today, bowed with a serious look.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I should have taken care of it with more care.”

“It’s okay, It  always like this.”


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