Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (4)

Part 1: The Spring Songbird (4)


At first glance, the Duke of Peruka, located in the west of the empire, was barren. It was not suitable for farming, and because it was close to the sea, pirates frequently invaded and blocked by rugged mountain ranges, making it difficult to reach other territories.

But now it has become the largest trading center in the Empire, centered on the duke-built port. The battle-savvy Duke  and knights wiped out all the pirates and bandits that used to be active, creating a huge passage between the sea and the mountains.

Thanks to him, the Duke was a huge rich man. The port charges and tolls on foreign expensive goods that came across the sea were enormous. Without that, the Duke secretly bought a large merchant. He whispered to her, like a pillow-head, that even the emperor knew nothing but the general manager of the merchant country he had sat down with.

“The richest man in the Empire is me, and you with me are the richest man in the world. Of course, money is no use compared to your tenderness.”

‘But that’s not my money!’

Erin stared at the owner of an antique bookstore with both hands on her waist and asking exorbitantly cheap prices.

“You don’t want much! It’s just four silver coins, right? Oh, come on, who knows?”

A silver coin was a large sum of money to buy a sack of flour. It was not enough to sew all night for 15 days to make this much money in the motherland. But the books she gave her were rare ones that were bought for only a hundred years. They were priceless books, but she  needed money to buy the next books.

‘I thought it was a magic book, but it was completely different.’

Erin remained reluctant and looked at the books with a gentle gaze.

[Witch’s hot pot and the wizard’s big club]

[The Handsome Wizard and the curse of the third leg]

The bookstore owner looked at her in the first book was called Four Fairy tales,and the bookstore owner glanced up from the bottom with a look that was mixed with the nowhere faze, and the bookstore owner looked at her face with an annoyed expression. It was a very rude sight.

Of course, it was possible to imagine that she was a duchess, wearing a dress roughly bought in a market and wearing a scarf over her tightly bound head.

When Erin, who was struggling for the silver had won, came out of the alley, Mary, with her hands full of things, waited and welcomed. When Erin first said she wanted to have a private time at the market, she showed a sense of seeing as if she was quite used to it.

Erin smiled awkwardly and spoke to Mary, who is close to her every day as she and was her maid servant.

“You’ve got to stop by the Emerald Merchant’s office, too.”


“It’s spring, so women will buy a lot of bright clothes. If we hoard the fabric in advance, we can sell it at a high price later.”

Mary stared at her. She looked at to her like why was she so embarrassed about her rich husband. Erin, who could never speak of her escaped plan, shrugged.

“It’s fun to to make some money. It’s been my little hobby since I was a kid.”

“Yes, Duke, don’t know about this.”

“My mother told me when I was young. She should have a back pocket without her husband’s knowledge.”

“That’s true, but the it was rather expensive than the jewelry I received.”

“I want to earn it on my own and have my back pocket with honor. And do you charge a lot for borrowing your name?”

“Be more careful of my life when something happens, madam.”

She don’t know how she understood the sense of a seriously civilized lady, but Mary, who had halfly given up, carefully responded, rubbing her lips. It was to stress to Erin that her life was not intact when something happened.

“Of course. I’ll never let anything harm you.”

Although it’s funny to say that you’ve invested a little bit of money, Erin promised seriously. This is because the original character of the Duke, which was heard through rumors, is still there. The duke said he was so disgusted with lies and tricks that he regarded as ‘betrayal’ and would punish by him.

‘Even if you run away with the money you saved, Mary will never be caught. I can’t be sure what my situation will be like.”


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