Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (3)

Part 1: The Spring Songbird (3)


Erin laughed along with the people around them at the nickname “songbird”, which she could not get used to, no matter how much she heard it. The Duke, who was smiling in his eyes, touched her lips with a long finger. The intense kisses caused the swollen lips to feel sensitive and the spine became eerie. 

Erin rose slowly to her feet, looking at him who was likely to touched her with everlasting affection. His hand-held touch was persistent, but she shook her head it easily fell off.

“Now I have to send my grace. I have been keeping you for a while since then your aide has been restless. “

The Duke, who glanced outside the drawing-room at Lecil, muttered the swearing words in his mouth in a whisper so that she could not hear him. Erin’s heart thumped at the sudden sight of a rough man. The male characters in the novel are perfectly good-mannered for a Lady, but they often reveal their coarse personality in this way. However cool the main character in the novel may be, however, that man will never be her ‘Duke’. 

She spoke ambitiously, with her shining green eyes.

“Tonight, I’ll wait in my bedroom.”

“Really? Are you sure you will? Oh, waiting for the night already the flow of time was so slow. “

The Duke kissed her good-bye several times, hugged her, and went away, then came back again and kissed her good-bye, and left her reluctantly.

Erin felt bitter expecting the Duke with a wide shoulder, a long leg, and his tall body to give her a backward glance.

‘It turns out that if you do not see me, you will never remember me. ‘

The Duke was a magician for her. Her unique magician who makes the world look beautiful and brilliant. He made her miserable life happier.

Except for only one thing that is trivial but never to be ignored, it was he was in love with her because he was enchanted.

‘How good it would be if it were true love.’

In fact, it was Erin herself who opposed this marriage, which shook the empire a year ago.

It wasn’t because of the qualms about the country that treated her as a breadwinner or the man who destroyed her family. There was no choice from the start to survive, but it was an unidentified “magic” that caught her conscience.

The enchanted Duke took her to the castle with extreme care. And every day he thrusts all kinds of mountain delicacies and mountain gems into her daily. By day he recited all kinds of love poems, and by night he played serenade under the window of her room. Erin tried to push the Duke down, wary of “magic” in his identity. She desperately looked for a time to escape, but she was exhausted in just one try and just fell off on his side for a moment. Then he fell to his knees in front of her while visiting and even forced her to accept the his proposal after a hunger strike.

At first she was grateful to him for saving her without killing her pitiful life. Then next, precious stones and dresses that she had never seen before were amazingly presented to her. The precious foods that he devoted to her every day were delicious. She had always been stealing, eating food, and was dressed up as a maid, but after she met him she seemed to be a new born precious princess.

It was always nice to hear that the words of the man who always says beautiful and lovely are not true. There was no one to talk to her properly, the loneliness that caused her to freeze coldly disappeared. It was really cold.

Her mind was warm as if her hands and feet were bleeding. Then I saw him. He began to like the man who gave all this generously. And soon he became her whole heart.

It was good to say it was a sweet dream before she died..

She know it’s a fantasy love, but how can she not fall in love with a sweet man like this. A man who gives her the love she’s been wanting so much.

‘The deeper she fell in love with him, the more Erin suffered from conflicts that seemed to divide the soul into halves. Wouldn’t it be okay if we were both happy?’

‘This is not real. Someday it will break. I have to leave now .. ‘

The conflict continued for a year, but no matter how worried, the answer did not come out. As the love deepens, the pain that is deeply engraved in the heart is the price of love without effort.


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  1. Erin is so sweet and I can feel the potential drama that’ll arise when she starts to leave T^T

  2. Thank you for translating it! I love the manhwa so much but I was unable to read the lightnovel version since I can’t read nor speak korean. But forgive me, as much as I enjoyed this, most of the time I find the way you phrase some words is a bit weird/confusing.
    But I’m so glad you pick this as your translation project! Thank you so much and I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    1. There were phrases and words that were hard for me to understand and translate its also confuse me… I was still learning… I hope you understand… ❤️❤️❤️

  3. The novel explains a lot of things about infatuated Duke’s actions and what the little songbird’s desire is….it was all from romance novels. No wonder he acted crazily devoted and extra cheesy, it was all his wife’s fault. 😂😂

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