Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (2)

Part 1: The Spring Songbird (2)

“You’re busy. I’ll let you go.”

When Erin tried to send him after eating, the hand-held that the Duke held wouldn’t let go.

“Why do you keep telling me to go? I want to be with you more.”

“I heard you’re very busy because of a setback in your quarterly report to be submitted to the Emperor.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

When he frowned, Erin put his finger on it. She rubbed the end of his left eyebrow gently with her hand. The Duke, who held her hand gently, kissed her lips.

“Then I’ll take your cocoa with me.”

The Duke, carefully seated her on the sofa in the drawing-room, motioned the maid to bring the drink with a languid hand.

Erin looks like she can’t win, and sits back in his arms, she smelled his sweet scent. She liked it so much. Even though she use the same soap as him every day, how can he smell so different?

“Does the cocoa you drink become blood? Why do you smell so sweet?”

She peeped at her shoulder, sniffing like a puppy, and whispered as if the Duke had read her heart. Erin looked at him with his eyes wide open.


“Well, I’ll have to taste it and check it out.”

The duke, facing her eyes, smiled sweetly and bowed his head. Her licking behavior was soft. It was like a cake that melted. The tongue that slits her lips and pierces through the mucous membranes of her mouth, softly touching her tongue. She felt that his kisses was licking all over her soul.

‘Oh, this feeling is so good.’

She never thought she would reveal her true color, but it was changed since she met him. Every touch of his hand was the flower of pleasure blooming. She’d like to say that love on the bedroom scene in every romance fiction is so sweet. 

‘Also, the novel is great. It contains all the truth about man!’

Erin’s hobby was to read romance novels. It was hard to find a book that was handwritten by hand, but now she could read it. She read the novels carefully, and when she told the scene that she was impressed at to the Duke, it was actually done the next day.

The Songbird was also the nickname of her favorite female character. However, it was not easy hearing it from the Duke, she became unhappy with her. In other words, she thought she was more like a pet with four feet than a small bird. Next time, she wanted to say that she would like to say that the nickname “meow” is also good.


[ * It was supposed to be Rowan’s nickname I’m trouble about this nickname didn’t know if I used the correct word. I’ll look it up and update you as soon as I look it up. But for the mean time I’ll used this or Lex because it was used in the manhwa]

Erin called the nickname, and the duke smiled pleasantly. It was his mother who called him like that in his childhood as a child.

“May I go down to town in the afternoon?”


The Duke tilted his head and asked so affectionately that Erin was momentarily greedy. She wanted to ask him to come with her. She is sure he would come.

But she only got all of herself that she should not have a habit of expecting him to be her wall to lean on. The thought of pushing him off was as if her heart was squeeze, but she had to draw a clearly line for them.

“I want to go outside and have a look. Spring is here. “

“Of course. But be careful, my precious songbird. “

“Of course. I’ll make sure to get you a gift.”


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