Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (1)

Part 1: The Spring Songbird (1)

“Well, you said you wouldn’t eat?”

Erin tilted her head at the maid’s words.

‘Would it be rude to interfere, or
Should I wait like a quiet wife. ‘

Her worries were short live. She was too busy to play ball. She couldn’t wait because she hadn’t had a proper meal for three days already..

“Even if you ask me to attend–“

She let the maid tell the Duke. The maid’ sface turned dark. The Duke hated being interrupted, when working. It was because he had no mercy on his opponent.

“No, I’ll tell him directly.”

Erin pretended to be unable to win. The maid’s countenance returned.

‘You’re not forgetting.’

The Duke was so sweet and so sweet to her, that he would often forget his character.
I did

She headed for the duke’s office with the maids. The aides and butlers were waiting their turn in the hall, looking desperate like criminals who were sentenced to death.


When they saw her, they had a reflection of seeing a miracle. Erin smiled and quietly accepted the joyful greeting.

“So now that I have changed the situation, why do not you just re-write your report to your Majesty? I think it would be quicker to fix your head than that.”

The low, indifferent voice of the Duke was heard through the door of the office.

Erin sneaked and walked open the door. She peeked inside and looked. The Duke was sitting on the chair behind the desk, leaning sideways. He was slightly frowning, but the air in his office was cold and heavy because of the cold air that he was emitting.

Erin looked back at the butler, shivering slightly at the sight of his strange husband.

“May I interfere with your work?”

“Madame, His Majesty has said that he will not eat.”

The butler’s lips are so sweet that his small and low voice whispered to Erin, as if he was sad, put his hand on his chest and speak in a loud voice so that it can be heard inside.
He have arranged it.

“Really? Then I’ll have to go back to the way I have with an irresistibly lonely heart.”

“Bang! “

Before she could finish talking, the door to the office opened wide. Then a big shadow jumped out at a rapid pace and hugged her.

“Where are you going to fly mercilessly without me, my little songbird?”

I heard the strange words from the peacock’s mouth. Servants’ faces instantly rotted away. But like the usual routine, they were quite familiar with it and hid their face.

Erin smiled and looked up at the handsome man in her arms. The blue-eyed Duke giving her a kiss on her forehead, facing her with his eyes. She shrugged her shoulder and spoke carefully.

“I’ve come to offer you a meal, but I think you’re busy. “

“Busy, I live only for your time with me, what a terrible word?”

“Then are you going to eat with me? I have been lonely to eat alone for three days.”

“Did I make you lonely? I’m such a mean husband. I’ll do well from now on, with all my heart and soul.”

Erin squinted at his ungrateful eyes.

If he do not see her, she was like a forgotten person and he would only be remember if she was the one who seek after 3 days, in a week.

‘ He had become natural talking like this. I really like it.

But she smiled and shook her head.

“If you can join me for dinner, you’re my best husband.”

“Thank you for saying that. Shall we start with a meal then? I’m full of love for you, and I can’t miss the time I can be with you.”

The Duke whispered in her ears and grabbed her hand with a loving hand going to the dinning hall. Thanks to the Madame, a group of people who were temporarily sheltered from the crisis was willing to leave behind the couple. No one hated the bird that would spring in the harsh winter that would freeze them.


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