Why Are You Doing This, Duke! 11-12 of Part 3 Vol. 1

Translated by: Deanie

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Part 6: Blazing summer (2)

‘It was really hard. You will have to know my patience in heaven. ‘

The next morning, as soon as I opened my eyes, Er Yin vomited a sad sigh. Seeing the beautiful face fell asleep without knowing the world, came up vividly last night.

I almost fell over to Duke, who was holding stake in her bed, but she endured to the end. After struggling and quarreling, he was exhausted and she was exhausted and eventually fell asleep while lying side by side.

Still, Er was crouched down to the edge of the bed in the middle of the temptation. But when I woke up, she was tightly embraced in the arms of a peacock.

It was as if the duke came to sleep and embraced her. I tried to get up a little, but Er Yin couldn’t even get stuck in his hand wrapped tightly.

‘Isn’t magic solved yet?’

Erin grabbed a pounding heart and stared up at his sleeping face. The smooth skin and long eyelashes cast the shadows so handsome. The slightly open red lips and slender angled jaw line were sexy. She stretched her hand and carefully touched his eyebrows. Familiar scars touched the fingertips.

The peacock said that whenever she felt uncomfortable, she would be relaxed if she touched it. Will he do that?

Erin stopped breathing and stroked his eyebrows, indulging his handsome face with his eyes.

Not long after, his gray eyelashes shook slightly, as if waking up. While she stopped moving, her eyes, like the color of the sea, were exposed and her eyes met straight. Er had swallowed his luggage with a waiting for judgment.


The magic is unlocked.

As the Duke stared, Er’n awkwardly slipped out of his arms, but he was still hugging so hard that he couldn’t even freeze.

Er was embarrassed, pointing his arm and making excuses.

“I, I’m not like this. Your majesty did not hug me. And you know, I kept your word.”

“What did you do?”

Er’s Barzakzaja Peacock released her as easily as I wanted to hug. Er Yin hurried down the bed, looking back at him, leaning on the head with a drowsy gesture.

“Are you going to stay?”


“I’ll take a bath.”

Instead of replying, the peacock frowned quickly at her saliva.


“why? “

“It’s morning.”

“Oh, shall we eat first?”

“That’s not me, it’s morning.”

As the peacock glanced at his lower body, her face, which later understood his meaning, rose to a new red.

Ern hesitated several times and asked carefully.

“Why did you tell me not to do anything?”

The peacock staring at her frowned and broke her neck from side to side. I sighed and rubbed my forehead with my fingertips, like sighing.

The Er Yin was impatient and asked again.

“I don’t think I’m hot because I’m going to write.”

Loan stopped, reluctantly, making eye contact.

“I hate you calling me aged.”

Say was a nickname his mother called. So Er, who sounded like his words certainly lined up, stepped back behind me.

“Do you mean I hate calling?”

“No. That’s not me.”

The peacock, who had rolled the sheet, stepped down from the bed and approached her. Then she grabbed her shoulder, moving as if avoiding him.

“Not correct. I’m not perfect.”

“So? You do not want me intact?”

Peacock looked into her shivering eyes and laughed instead of answering.

“Would I know you now? Then what do I want you?”


“I want you right now. Honestly still going crazy.”

The peacock deliberately pulled her back and lowered her lower body. As a result, Er Inn, who felt his physical desires, had no choice but to gaze at his thickened eyes.

“But you mean. If I only want your body, do you feel confident?”

“I think you’re hurting that already.”

Ernes bite the lips. Touching his lip with his fingertips, he bowed his head and whispered low in his ear.

“Do not cry. If magic is triggered from the beginning, you’ll have to repeat again.”

“I do not know.”

I really did not know. I want to hug her but don’t want to hug her. It was also a proof that he reacted only to her body, not her mind, and on the contrary, it was a disprove that he did not think of her lightly.

Anyway, there was a certain thing. The Er wasn’t the one who first revealed the color, but he was very embarrassed as if he was firmly rejected by him.

She was so intimidated that she squeezed her fists and murmured inaudibly.

“I want to cry.”


Roan asked, but the Ery pretended to hear him. Sad thoughts.

Sad thought, Duke says he doesn’t want me Innocent and disassembled. I didn’t even call you three. Denied my beautiful memories, my love. It’s a memory that I made myself, but I can tell you how I did it.

Her eyes were filled with unpleasant and sorrowful tears. As he gazed at the Er, he avoided his eyes late but was late.


Er Yin looked at me with a half-colored peacock. When the smiling peacock jumped happily, she shoved him hard over the bed and ran out of the room.

I knew I was wrong to be upset, but this guy was the guy anyway.

“Why are you so capricious?”

The Erin hid in the greenhouse all day, telling the florists the injustices that no one can complain about.


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