Chapter 7


Li Jun who was standing beside Li Cheng observing everything that happened, his gaze flashed.

Gu Fan’s heart felt very excited, she didn’t think this “cannon fodder “could catch Li Cheng heart, the task was done as soon as they came. The little sweetheart would be very handy in the future, she could be used in getting closer to Li Cheng, and fight for affection with Li Jun, then when she got pregnant to a baby boy everything will fall into places.

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Chapter 5


The house helper heard the noise and came out to greet them, Gu Jiao got off the car, Gu Fan made a quick introduction and they were considered acquaintance. Following Gu Fan, she entered the villa, changed her shoes, looking left and right like familiarizing herself with the environment, Gu Fan then pulled Gu Jiao suddenly up to the second floor while talking, pushed open a door to best room with a children themed princess design:

” Do you like it?”

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Chapter 4


Gu Jiao a considerate person, but she was petty in some ways , she calmly glanced over to Gu Fan, fortunately she didn’t notice, or not, she would only ignore her if there was contempt, she is not a simple person at all. She huffed a breath of air, Gu Jiao felt that after her rebirth she had been too complacent, she was almost exposed.

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Chapter 3


Gu Jiao being reborn again is a grace of heavens good will. Thinking like this Gu Jiao think she better onto her “fortune telling lifetime”* to make a small fortune, be filial to her father and love big brother, happily care and pamper the soon to be born little Qiang, repay uncles kindness, then marry and hug a thick golden thigh** rich man to pass the days and have kids, never scheme to Li family, and let big brother Li Jun relax… hehehe… What a great plan… ≖‿≖

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