Chapter 38


Li Cheng was left below he only woke up in is stupor after the crew asked him if he wants to ride the next cart. He was looking at the moving cart where the two kids was place, seeing Li Jun looking at him with a hint of smugness and heated gaze. Li Cheng did know whether to laugh or to cry. In the end he decided to wait for them below, looking at the sun that was about to set, after along time he felt truly relax and refresh. It’s been along time since he was able to enjoy his day. His princess was truly amazing for her to brought them closer together and let them feel be at ease, Li Cheng thought that he should spend his time more to his family, his work can be done in the office being busy is no excuse. 

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Chapter 1 Part 2

Run Away Part 2


“The room is too stuffy. I want to go out and get some air. Anyway, the prince hasn’t come back yet. When he comes back, I will go in immediately. How about that?” Gu Yining is unrelenting, she must escape today!

“Sorry, the prince commanded, before he came back, the eight princess, you can’t step out of this room.”

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Chapter 35


It was then decided that the three of them are going. Our poor male god was depleted for vomiting so much blood of disappointment. Li Jun didn’t know why he was so disappointed when he was looking forward of it just yesterday, his crease brow were very visible that our little Jiao was getting worried.

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