Welcome to Deanie’s Bookshelf Corner!

I am Deanie and for the meantime I’m borrowing some corner of Qiaoyi Meili’s Library, while my website is still under-construction. Forgive the inconvenience. ヾ(_ _。)

I have been enjoying reading many web novels that are in different language but mostly I read Korean Novels so I might as well share some of the novels I am enjoying by translating them for you to read. ヾ(^^ゞ)

I’m also writing stories in my past time if I get to tired to read. And as of now I’m launching a R-18 story titled Zhao’s Obsession. It was a an adopted short story of my dear friend Meili.

I mostly translate things with my (limited) Korean language skill and along with the help of machine translations. I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy so if you find any discrepancy correction, critics, comments and reviews are mostly welcome! And please bare with my grammars for I’m not good with it as English is not my mother language, but I do hope you can enjoy reading my translation and story.

I hope you don’t find the flaws and mistakes as bothersome as possible. Of course, I am open for any help or suggestions!

Current Story: Zhao’s Obsession

Translation: Why are you doing this, Duke!


This humble tenant will also be moving when she was able to collect enough funds to build her own website. Further notice will be posted in the future.

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