Chapter 99

When Gu Jiao woke up the next morning. A heavy feeling was around her waist.

Her blurred vision saw the curtain where the sunlight was sneaking a peek inside the room. She blink her eyes a few times to wake herself up.

When her vision cleared up, she felt a sudden movements beside her. When she look up she saw her brother who was still sleeping peacefully.

Gu Jiao gave a nudge to Li Jun to wake him up. But Li Jun just gave a tightening grip on her waist as an answer.

Gu Jiao pouted her lips. She made her way to his ears and said in a whisper: “Brother wake up. I need to cook breakfast. You have to let me go or will starve.”

Li Jun who still have his eyes close whispered in return: “Let the head maid prepare for everything and return to sleep.”

Gu Jiao pouted again. Her brother really can be lazy when he wants to.

Gu Jiao: “Aren’t you going to work right now? You still have a week before we got home to S City.”

Li Jun turned to her side and wrap his other hand around her. He fix his position in a more comfortable way and said: “Finished everything that needs my attention the rest Wang Fang will take care of them.”

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes. More than anyone they both know that Wang Fang would rather go to a boring lecture in school than work. Wang Fang is lazy…

Then how could her brother make Wang Fang take care of the rest of his work. What did this immortal god have to be able to have Wang Fang do his bidding.

Gu Jiao was curious how could Li Jun make Wang Fang agree to work. She wants to ask him but was stop by his intense gaze. Their eyes met in the air.

Li Jun’s hand crept behind her and he gave a gentle push on her head towards him. Their lips touch lightly, then Li Jun let go: “Good Morning.” Li Jun said calmly like nothing major happened.

Gu Jiao was stunned she didn’t react after a long while. A sudden flash of memory surge on her mind. A hot intense intimate of bodies that was clutch together was slowly revealing their way to his imagination and a very hot sensation.

Her blood boil and it quickly rush to her neck and cheeks going towards to her ear. She immediately shook her head no that didn’t happen. She denied what happen last night to herself thinking along the line that it was only a dream.

Li Jun who was watching her carefully, saw the whole reaction she was creating starting with her blushing and shaking her head in denial. He knows Gu Jiao would deny what happen last night, he just let her be.

Li Jun don’t want to force her to immediately accept their sinful desire towards each other. He had gone over the limit of being a brother towards her. He knows it was not easy to accept and as long as she don’t reject him, she’ll let her deny until she can’t deny anymore.

Li Jun: “What’s wrong aren’t you going to kiss me to as a greeting. Your the one who teach me to do a morning greeting did you forget?”

Gu Jiao who returned to herself wants to vomit blood. Brother I know I’m the one who said to greet each other every morning and night. But I never taught you to kiss on the lips as a greeting… (ToT)

Her kisses are gone to her brothers… But she really doesn’t have a heart to tell him to stop. Somehow she also like this kisses. (/ε\*)


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