Chapter 98

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

Gu Jiao is slack-jawed seeing Li Jun’s late teen body. 

The first time they took a bath together, she was graced by the sight of the younger teen Li Jun, at that time she could already see some signs of maturing. 

The second time they were together, an accident happened, and she had no time to appreciate his beauty properly. 

Now, she had all the time in the world to do so. Li Jun is even more willing to undress in front of her without reservation. She can feel it! But when she looks at his face, she can’t understand why she is so sure that he is doing it intentionally. Her intuition is kicking in and is telling her that this is purely intentional. 

Gu Jiao wants to cry; she can’t even condemn her brother for tainting her innocent eyes. Cause she is also willing to watch him intensely and won’t miss even a single muscle. 

Gu Jiao just abandons all her reasoning and stands up. She is a competitive woman if it’s undressing then let’s compete who could make whom drool. Fufufu… While laughing evilly…

She stands up and also starts lifting her shirt when Li Jun is about to unbuckle his belt. 

Li Jin stops moving when he feels Gu Jiao moves from her place. When he sees her lifting her dress and is about to take off her top, he continues with what he is doing without looking away. 

Their eyes meet in the air, but they keep going with their movements without breaking their eye contact as if they agreed on having an eye to eye contest. Both sides won’t admit defeat. 

They stubbornly keep their eyes on each other. 

When the two stand in front of each other with only their underwear on, Gu Jiao is the first to extract her line of sight. She can’t take the intense feelings she can see in her brother’s eyes; she feels like she will be sucked inside of them. 

Her breathing quickens, and her face is so flushed that her blood just keeps rushing in her head. Her big brother’s gaze is really intense; she can’t even look. She feels a little shy now; does that even make sense? 

When Li Jun sees her attention shift, he is annoyed with whatever takes her attention away. He slowly walks over to her and extends his arms to trap her between him and the sink behind her.

Gu Jiao feels the pressure he is exuding and looks up at him again. 

Li Jun narrows his eyes; he likes their position. He can see an innocent bunny looking at him naively; an innocent creature like her is very appetizing. 

Such a delicious meal, if he doesn’t taste a bit of this sinful fruit, he will definitely regret it for his whole lifetime. 

He lets his subconscious desire dictate his next action. Li Jun grabs Gu Jiao small frame and places her back onto the sink. 

When their flesh touches each other, both of them shiver. 

Gu Jiao can feel Li Jun’s body temperature is higher than usual. She is a little uncomfortable with it. She feels as if she is being burned, but at the same time, she is like a moth who can’t resist the bright hot fire, which is Li Jun. 

Her big brother is so hot that her sanity is at stake and she can only drool over him. 

Li Jun, who is watching her, takes the opportunity and kisses her rosy red lips. 

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