Chapter 97

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

A deafening silence ensues between Li Jun and Gu Jiao.

After some time has passed, Li Jun breaks their idle state by tightening his hold on Gu Jiao and kissing her forehead.

“Are you tired?” Li Jun softly asked her.

Gu Jiao just nods her head, still not talking.

“Do you want to go upstairs to rest?” Li Jun asked again.

Gu Jiao, who is still wallowing in her thoughts, just nods her head again in agreement but still doesn’t speak. 

Li Jun frowns. He is dissatisfied that Gu Jiao doesn’t want to talk. He looks down at her to coax her into talking but sees that dazed look instead. A flash of light crosses his eyes.

“Do you want to shower before going to sleep?” Li Jun continued to ask.

Gu Jiao just keeps on nodding her head in agreement with her brother clearly not understanding anything of what her brother is asking her.

“Together?” Li Jun follows it with a voice in a husky whisper.

Gu Jiao involuntarily nods her head. Then she shivers from Li Jun’s bedroom voice.

Gu Jiao imagines a bathroom, Li Jun’s bathroom, the shower stall full of steam from the hot water. The relaxing Jacuzzi after a quick shower.

Ice cream on the side… Right she should request one: “I want ice cream while enjoying the Jacuzzi.”

Now it is Li Jun’s turn to nod his head. He waits for Gu Jiao’s brain to process everything that happened.

When Gu Jiao feels his nod, she continues in her imagination; she will eat the ice cream then will offer some to her brother behind her who is cuddling her between his legs.

Wa… Wait! Why is brother naked?! Ehhh!!!…. Bathroom + a naked Gu Jiao + a naked Li Jun = TROUBLE!


When Li Jun sees her narrowing eyes, he immediately gets up while lifting her in the process and doesn’t wait anymore for the information to sink in Gu Jiao’s brain. Quickly, he makes his way to the kitchen.

Even though he is carrying a dazed Gu Jiao, Li Jun still manages to get a scoop of vanilla ice cream as she requested.

Then he makes his way to the master bathroom. He places Gu Jiao on the sink and leaves her for a little bit to get some robes and towels. 

When Gu Jiao wakes up, she is already sitting on the cold sink, and Li Jun is already back with the towels in his hands.

Why is she in the bathroom again with this immortal! Every single time she is with Li Jun in the bathroom, trouble happens.

There may not be an accident, but a fracture in her weak heart is about to appear.

No, she needs to get out of here fast, or else her weak heart will collapse.

When Gu Jiao is about to get off on the sink, her peripheral vision sees Li Jun taking his clothes off slowly, as if teasing those who are watching.

Gu Jiao has frozen in place the plan she has to escape; she willingly throws it out of the window.


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