Chapter 96




Wang Fang submits to his fate and confesses his sin: “I slip… MymouthslippedandtoldGuJiaoaboutyouhavingagirlfriend.”

Wang Fang says it in one breath and as quickly as possible. He is betting on the chance Li Jun won’t be able to understand.

“Repeat.” Li Jun said.

“…..” My dear friend, life long friend, and sworn brother can’t you just spare me this one time. Don’t kill me twice or there will be no corpse left left intact to leave behind. Wang Fang wants to cry but lackss the tears.

“I said repeat.” Li Jun’s cold voice travels to Wang Fang’s ears, making his heart tremble in fear. 

He sighs and submits his corpse to another massacre: “I slipped up and told Gu Jiao’er about you having a girlfriend.”

A sudden silence follows after Wang Fang says those death warranting words. Wang Fang begins sweating coldly and is praying for his ashes to stay intact too. But based on Li Jun’s silence even his ashes won’t remain.

“You go and take care of everything in the company; I will leave everything to you.” After Li Jun says those cold words, a beeping sound follows indicating that the call has ended.

Wang Fang waves goodbye to his social life. Li Jun’s work is no easy feat. If he does Li Jun’s workload along with his without a definite time when Li Jun said he would resume. He would die from exhaustion and stress. Li Jun is clearly trying to kill him.

Huhuhu… Why does Gu Jiao also have a brother complex… It has been several years since he was with them he never noticed her feelings for Li Jun… If he had known he wouldn’t be as careless as he was. Where did his revenge go… Why is that every time he is so sure that he will have the last laugh, he is the one who goes home crying… These siblings are the pair of his misery… 

Wang Fang also knows that Li Jun’s pettiness won’t just end here. He is a hundred percent sure that when Li Jun comes back from S City, he will make his already miserable life a living hell… 

Good thing the main Fang family settled here. He can ask for help with the workload Li Jun dumped on him. He also does not need to accompany Li Jun frequently to S city, unlike before when they were still in high school. If he also goes to S city now with the trouble he caused maybe when coming back to the capital; only his dust will remain. 

Wang Fang is resigned to his fate and calls his father to send him a qualified secretary or maybe a personal assistant that does not have a social life. That kind of person is only the one who can help him twenty-four-seven with this kind of workload where it should be done with five people. 

And now he, Wang Fang, is doing it all alone. He is no Li Jun who can finish his workload of three to five people in one go. He is also no superhuman; he is just a cool genius, talented human guy. 

Li Jun is a different level like Gu Jiao says he is an immortal that has descended to the mortal realm. The mortal humans, like them, should never dare to compare themselves to an immortal god like him… Tsk tsk! 

Now that he thinks about it! He should have detected that Gu Jiao is also a bro-con during their conversation when making jokes about Li Jun’s ability… Those immortal god and male god phrases, aren’t they a clear indication of an obsession about someone! D@mn it! Why why why?! Huhuhu… That Gu Jiao can hide so deeply that she is able to evade his radar… Tsk tsk… 

Wang Fang can only sigh in regret before calling his father to ask for extra people to assist him. 


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