Chapter 95



… Suddenly, before Li Jun could go any further, his phone rings interrupting his desert.

Gu Jiao wakes up from her sinful desires. She is about to dart away like a hunted rabbit, but Li Jun pulls her and nestles her into his chest.

Li Jun holds her in place before fishing his phone out of his pocket. When he sees that it’s Wang Fang calling, he starts swearing in his mind, cursing Wang Fang for disrupting his intimate moment with his sister. He is lamenting in his heart that Wang Fang better be calling because of an emergency or else he will castrate him and cut off his next generation.

While Li Jun is on the phone, Gu Jiao is leaning on his chest and is embarrassed to death. She wants to dig a hole and hide there forever.

Where did her determination go! She never thought that she is this weak to her brother. What are they thinking by doing these kinds of sinful things?

Gu Jiao is so confused; she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Her thoughts are running a thousand miles a minute, and it’s making herself dizzy from too much worrying. 

Li Jun can feel that his sister is awkwardly thinking about their kiss. He doesn’t want her to regret the kiss they shared. Just thinking about her rejection of it, he can already feel that his world would break apart like when they were at the zoo… 

“What’s the matter?” Li Jun chillingly said over the phone. 

Wang Fang can feel the temperature in his room drop, and it continues to lower quickly. He can feel that if he talks nonsense to Li Jun, he will freeze to death. He is just calling to make sure that they’re fine because of his conscience keeps poking him about what he did. 

Did he cause too many misunderstandings between these two who both have sibling complexes? Based on Li Jun’s cold voice, he is in a bad mood. But why does he feel that it is all directed to him? Alright maybe he is just too guilty, that’s why he thinks that Li Jun’s displeasure is directed solely at him. 

“I just called to ensure that you two are alright now…” Wang Fang nervously says… 

Li Jun furrows his brow he is suddenly suspicious. He knows Wang Fang like the back of his hand. Wang Fang wouldn’t call him just to ask about his relationship with Gu Jiao. He even suspects that he already knows how he feels towards his sister. So why is he nervous and is asking about their situation? Unless he caused trouble without his knowing. 

“Confess.” Li Jun calmly stated word full of ice. 

“…..” Wang Fang did know whether to laugh or to cry… He is just asking about their situation, and he has already been caught as the guilty party. Does Li Jun have a mind-reading ability to assess that he is guilty? D@mn! Maybe calling to ask him was a big mistake, now he can’t escape without confessing. But he should try to salvage his soul one last time. 

“Hehehe… Aren’t you too fierce interrogating an innocent bystander? I just called to ask, and you’re already condemning me as a sinner? Aren’t you too much?” Wang Fang cautiously said.

“Voice is too nervous and continues making excuses. Lastly, you wouldn’t call if you’re not guilty.” Li Jun is kind of amused that he could corner his friend to confess his sins. 

“…..” Wang Fang vomits blood and is rendered speechless… D@mn his conscience, it leads him to death’s door. D@mn his big mouth for causing his early funeral. Lastly, d@mn Li Jun for being too observant! ρ(‘-_-`●)

“Don’t curse me in your heart. I know you did.” Li Jun teasingly said. 

“…..” Wang Fang died from Li Jun’s blow. 


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