Chapter 94

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

Li Cheng takes the sulking Li Qiang away and leaves to the hotel where he and Gu Fan are staying. 

Li Jun is now in full blissful mode; he can now have time with his sister without any disruptions. Although he doesn’t mind Li Qiang sleeping with them, he still prefers to sleep with his sister alone. 

One week, they have one week to be alone together until the family picnic, and then they return to S city. He misses their connecting door so much. With that door, he could fool Li Qiang into thinking they are sleeping in different rooms. 

Good thing Li Qiang doesn’t go inside his and Gu Jiao’s rooms so that he hasn’t discovered that little secret. 

If he remembers correctly, Gu Jiao used to mention that when Li Qiang and her would sleep together, they would sleep in Li Qiang’s room. 

When they get home to S city, he needs to make sure that Li Qiang doesn’t discover that connecting door so that he can continue to fool him and keep him sleeping in his room as well. 

After closing the door and bidding his father and the unwilling Li Qiang goodbye, Li Jun goes to where Gu Jiao is sitting. He sits beside her on the sofa and hugs her waist. Then he snuggles into her neck, breathing in her scent.

He missed eating her tofu like this, with Li Qiang around he couldn’t really do anything that would taint a child’s mind. Now that Li Qiang is gone he is free to eat tofu whenever and wherever he wants as long as they are here in his penthouse. Maybe he should suggest that they just stay here and not go outside anymore until they have the picnic with that woman. 

Li Jun’s action tickles Gu Jiao. She was busy watching a series drama when she feels him snuggling into her neck. 

She narrows her eyes. Now that they are alone, she remembers her lamenting at the zoo about not getting close to her brother anymore, or her heart will fall for him.

Her sinful feelings can’t grow anymore than it has. She turns her gaze to Li Jun. 

Their gazes meet, and their lips are just a hair’s breadth apart. 

Li Jun’s beautiful deep dark eyes hypnotize Gu Jiao. It feels like there is a vortex sucking her in. Their faces move closer and closer. 

Li Jun gazes at her lips as if indicating that he wants a taste. 

Li Jun sees the tasty plump pink lips of Gu Jiao; he can’t help himself and is tempted to taste. His brain is working through a thousand pros and cons about the thing he wants to do. But when Gu Jiao bites her lower lip, he throws reason out of the window and is ready to do the sinful thing. 

Gu Jiao’s heart is skipping a million miles a second. Her mind clearly knows that it is a sin to kiss her brother but just looking into those hypnotic eyes she couldn’t help but be a sinner. 

Their faces grow nearer until they can feel each other’s breaths when suddenly Li Jun takes the last inch and places his lips onto hers. 

Gu Jiao feels the soft feather-light touch on her lips. Her eyes narrow, then, as if accepting her fate, slowly closes her eyes. 

When Li Jun sees her closing her eyes, he follows suit. They stay like that for a few seconds. 

Li Jun is waiting for his sister’s rejection when he feels no resistance he opens his mouth and is ready for a full-blown kiss. 


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