Chapter 93

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

The four enjoy their family dinner. 

Li Cheng satisfyingly pats his stomach bulging from too much food. He is so satisfied that he doesn’t even want to lift a finger and just sit in his chair for a long time. But his happiness is short-lived his phone that Li Qiang just turned on is now receiving a call.

Li Qiang calls him and says that his mother is calling. Li Cheng abruptly stands up from his chair and immediately answers the phone. A raging wife is nagging him for leaving without saying anything.

His conscience pokes li Cheng for forgetting to call his wife. He is a little sorry not informing her. When he is asked where he has been, he is at a loss at what to say. He looks at Li Jun, who is busy helping Gu Jiao clean up their dinner.

Li Jun feels a gaze on him, and when he looks up, he sees his father staring at him as if asking for help. He raises his brow questioningly.

Li Cheng gives him a signal to help him think of a reason to tell Gu Fan for not calling. Li Jun frowns and tries to think of something that could help him too. When he gazes at the table, he sees Li Qiang happily playing on his phone. A flash of light crosses his eyes.

He pointed at Li Qiang, who was innocently playing. Li Cheng eyes glimmer, then he replies to Gu Fan in a justified manner: “I’m here at Li Jun’s house to fetch Li Qiang… He called and asked me to fetch him.”

Li Qiang, who was just sold by his brother, raises his head when he hears his name mentioned by his father. His mouth is left hanging open after he hears everything, ‘when did he ever ask his father to fetch him! Why doesn’t he remember!’

His face is full of black lines as he continues to listen to his father. His mouth is twitching, and an anger mark is forming on his forehead.

It is now clear to him that he is the sacrifice for his father’s mistake. He looks at his brother who is still cleaning up the table smirking; Li Qiang can’t believe that his brother is the one who sold him! It is written on his face while he happily wipes the table.

When Li Qiang is about to jump out of his chair and argue he hears his sister. 

“Eh… Li Qiang you’re going with father?” Gu Jiao innocently asked.

Li Jun happily replied: “Yes, HE ASKED father to fetch him. He will stay with them until we get back to S city.”

Li Qiang is frozen to his place. He is now officially sold out and can’t argue anymore. Why?! He is innocent! Why did his brother sell him out! Buhuhu… He is not going to idolize him anymore! つ’Д’)つ

Li Qiang stomps his feet, and sulkily goes upstairs to get his things.

In the living room Li Cheng is waiting for Li Qiang on the sofa he got away from Gu Fan’s nagging after telling her that he will bring Li Qiang over.

When Gu Fan hears that, she instantly becomes happy urging him to come home immediately with Li Qiang. Li Cheng is not surprised anymore by his wife’s fast-changing mood. He has now equipped his mindset about women’s mood swings.

Gu Fan is happy of hogging Li Cheng with her son. They can bond with him without any disturbances tonight, so she happily prepares some things that they can bond with like games and some snacks.

Li Cheng is still clueless about women’s mood swings what a pity. 


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