Chapter 92

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

Li Cheng is sitting on the bench in shame; his daughter is now mad at him. He doesn’t know the terms that Li Jun used when explaining it to him. 

He even calls out to Gu Jiao when Li Jun continually ignores him. Panicking, he asks his daughter in a loud voice about what the red tide and big aunt is. 

His daughter is stunned at first then he remembers how she narrowed her eyes with an angry pout on her cute cheeks. She stomps her right foot and turns around running to Li Jun. 

He watched how his daughter hides in Li Jun’s bosom then he hears her sulkily complain that he bullied her. 

His situation stupefied Li Cheng. He is only worried about her, and now he is a bully. Li Qiang, his youngest son, generously explained what big aunt and red tide means. 

When the information sunk in, he is embarrassed, looking around at the people whispering while looking at him oddly. He suffered such humiliation, he sorrowfully turns towards his daughter to asks for forgiveness, but instead, he sees Li Jun taking advantage of Gu Jiao’s humiliation. 

He sees Li Jun hug her waist while petting her head adorned with bunny ears that looks cute on her now that he notices. 

Li Jun sis giving him a frown as if saying ‘look what you have done, Jiao’er is now embarrassed because of you and with all of these people around to see.’

Li Cheng face turns black remembering his suffering; he was clueless about those terms, it is Li Jun’s fault by not clearly explaining his words, why does he need to use those stupid terms if he could just directly tell him by whispering. 

Li Cheng is unhappy, this Li Jun is not putting him in his eyes anymore humph let’s see how I discipline you when you return to S city and my little princess is not angry anymore with me. 

Li Cheng finishes his lamenting in his mind. He then turns his attention to the three who are now playing with some furry pet or he should say Gu Jiao is playing while the two are watching beside her. 

His tired body and soul are healed from stress and work, by watching them happily enjoy themselves he is also happy. His miasma of wrath is now being replaced by positivity and happiness. The genuine smile on his sons’ and daughter’s face is heartwarming. He stands up and makes his way towards them. 

He pets the small rabbit on his daughter’s lap. He then looks up to see a cute bunny ears Jiao in front of him. His thoughts run rampant, he now knows why Gu Jiao bounces back to happiness so quickly, she was happy to see her own kind and play with them. Li Cheng gives a nod of approval to his conclusion. 

Li Qiang happily calls a staff member that is assigned to their area. He has the staff takes a picture of them and happily sends it to his Grandfather. 

They go home to Li Jun’s penthouse where they decidedly eat dinner and let Gu Jiao cook for them. 

Because of the trauma from the drama she caused before Li Cheng subconsciously forgets to call Gu Fan to join them as she prevents him from enjoying his stay at Li Jun’s house. He is so busy happily bonding with his children that his subconsciousness tosses Gu Fan out of his mind. 

Li Wei, who is happily pruning his plants, receives a message from his son. When he opens it up, his mood suddenly takes a full 180.

‘Why are they happily taking pictures without him! He was sure that Li Cheng was in the capital to work? Why is he now happily touring with his grandchildren?! That son of his is clearly just on vacation and not working, humph when you get home I’ll make sure to discipline you unfilial child! Not letting me join the fun! Hogging all his grandchildren! ‘ Li Wei’s pettiness is in full bloom from seeing their photos. (╬ಠ益ಠ)


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  1. Hahaha so petty~ all of the Li men are petty to each other 😂

    Also it’s so funny now we have three out of four who see Gu Jiao as a bunny. LOLing at how she cheers up when she’s with the 🐰 🐇 and they just chalk it up to “being with her kind” 😂 😆 😂

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