Chapter 91

Author: Qiaoyi

Editor: Zippy

Gu Jiao’s tears disappear immediately when she thinks of the fluffy rabbits she can play with, she happily jumps off the bench and hugs Li Qiang while merrily saying in a sing-song voice: “Qiang’er understand big sister the best! Let’s go play with the little rabbits!”

She then excitedly drags Li Qiang away from the two men who are still sitting on the bench with a stupefied expression on their faces.

Li Cheng can’t believe how fast his daughter’s mood did a one hundred eighty degree turn. It is shocking and mind-blowing, one second she is about to cry but suddenly just because of some small furry animals she is now happily bouncing.

Li Jun is now in a calm state of mind. Although he is quite surprised about Gu Jiao’s mood, he is relieved that it is really just her mood swings that are keeping her in an odd state. Although he is still a bit uneasy about the rejection, Li Jin is willing to believe that it is just caused by her big aunt or whatever she calls it. He would rather believe it is like that than it be any other reason he may not like.

Li Jun also gets up from his seat; he sees Li Qiang giving them a smug smirk, challenging his patience when he sees how Gu Jiao recovers from her drama.

He wants to spank that br@t, but he would leave him be this time, given he was the one who tried to explain the oddity before. Let that br@t enjoy his sister a little longer when they get home he will make sure that only he and Gu Jiao would sleep in the master bedroom tonight.

Li Cheng, who was still stupefied, is dragged back to reality by Li Jun’s calls. He turns his gaze to the now standing Li Jun beside him, and he can’t help but ask him: “What was wrong with her? Why was she crying one minute than happily bouncing the next?”

Li Jun motions for Li Cheng to get up and follow the two to the rabbit house. Then he quietly explains the situation to him:  “Jiao’ers mood is in full swing because of her big aunt…” The last word somehow came as a whisper.

Li Cheng is puzzled by Li Jun’s words. What big aunt was she talking about? He clearly remembers that Gu Fan never had a sister only a brother and he is an only child, so whose aunt is she talking about:” what aunt?… Are you pertaining to her uncle Gu Lee?”

Li Jun face turned black. He is put in a situation where he is lost for words. His witty comeback and argumentative phrases do not even want to come out of his mouth. But he tries to explain again with his best vocabulary he can find in his dictionary as a way of filial piety and respect to his father: “Red tide… Gu Jiao has a red tide?”

“What?! Having Red tide?! Isn’t that poisonous to the body?!” Li Cheng panicky shouting and gaining attention from around them.

Li Cheng face turned as black as the bottom of a kettle. He can feel the gazes people are giving around them. He can even see that the women who hear them are blushing to the side whispering to someone beside them. For the first time in his life he is embarrassed, he just away walks fast leaving the panicking Li Cheng behind, ignoring him even as he keeps following him and asking if he should call an ambulance for Gu Jiao.

Li Cheng just ignores him like he doesn’t know the man beside him who was now restless from worry.


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  1. LOL all these men are clueless~

    Li Qiang is such a good brother~ taking big sis to go heal her heart with the fwuffy wabbits~

    P.S. sensei I think you mixed up Li Jun and Li Chang again near the bottom…

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