Chapter 90



By the time Li Cheng arrives to their place, Gu Jiao was able to calm herself.

Her eyes are already swollen from crying the entire day. She can’t believe that she didn’t do anything today except crying every other hour.

She doesn’t know anymore if it’s because of the situation or her mood is really in full swing with her big aunt knocking on her lower half. Being a girl is really tiring.

She sees her father making his way towards them. After he reaches their bench, he squats down in front of her.

“Baby what’s wrong?” Li Cheng asked full of worry.

Gu Jiao, who was just coaxed from crying, was reminded again about what happened. She pouts, and her eyes turn watery and are ready for a full-blown crying fest again. Why?! Why is she crying again! She is already tired can someone please put a cork in her tear glands to stop them! She wants to stop crying! Why do women even have a big aunt that visits them every month? It’s already painful, but this also affects her mood so unfair so troublesome… (☍﹏⁰)。

Li Cheng is surprised to see that Gu Jiao is ready to cry again. He narrows his eyes and is thinking about thousands of reasons of why his daughter is crying again.

Li Qiang is dissatisfied and said in childish, domineering voice: “Father! I didn’t call you here to make sister cry again. And did you block our number?! What big guts you have I’ll tell this to grandpa!”

“…..” Li Cheng is speechless at his youngest son’s accusation. First, he just got here and was only able to ask one question, and now it was his fault on making Jiao’er cry. Second, it was his weak and envious heart who blocked them. Who told him, Li Qiang, to kill him, Li Cheng, with jealousy. ఠ ͟ಠ

Li Cheng just ignores little Qiang and focuses on his daughter in front of him. He lifts her from Li Jun’s lap, and he sits on the bench then places Gu Jiao at his side. 

Gu Jiao hugs him and buries her face in his chest: “Okay?! Tell Daddy who dare bully my beautiful princess! I’ll immediately cut his next generation off.”

Li Jun, who is keeping quiet beside them frowned at what Li Cheng said. Li Cheng doesn’t know who did it, but he feels a little uncomfortable about Li Cheng’s “cutting the next generation” phrase. He feels guilty of scaring his sister like this. 

Li Qiang, who is pouting while blowing his cheeks like a squirrel, is so angry with his father for ignoring him. He went to his sister and leans on her lap. He pops the breath he was holding and gives a heavy sigh. He really can’t count on his father. See he has been here for only 5 minutes, and he already made his sister cry. 

Li Qiang turns his gaze to his big brother. Although he is a little puzzled on why his brother is so quiet right now. Humph, he cannot count on these two giants. He needs to take matters into his own hands. These two giants are just so-so, can’t even coax his beloved sister. Humph after I’m done with sister, let me render you two useless blobs unable to continue your family lines. (◣_◢)

Li Qiang musters his every ounce of cuteness and appeals to his sister: “Sister, don’t cry anymore… Ok?… Look big brother is alright and is just fine. Hmmm… If you want we can return to the rabbit house to play.” He narrows his eyes cutely like a dog with an invisible wagging tail. ༼☯﹏☯༽


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