Chapter 9


Gu Jiao wanted to get closer to Li Jun, but the time is not right, her gaze flashed, there will be a chance she just has to take it step by step!!!

Following the flow of time, the sky dimmed, and a growl of thunder ensued next…. Gu Jiao upon hearing this smiled proudly and open the adjoining door on Li Jun’s side while hugging a big pillow.

Gu Fan was nervous, she took a deep breath, and gathered her spirits, then look inside then she saw her brother setting on the bed looking at her in a lifted brow.

She can finally get along well with his brother, he felt slightly perturbed, slightly anticipating, but even more so she was very happy having this second chance. Thankfully, she had gone back to the time before she went seeking an early death, she can do everything over again.

Gu Jiao felt a little bit excited, the edge of her eyes was damp, but it’s a shame she could not apologize to her brother for the things in the past. But this time she’ll repay him as an apology she’ll be a good child.

Li Jun was wearing his pajamas, expressionless, his cold gaze fell on the child’s face, there was not a hint of change: “What are you doing here?”

“Eh?! Sorry Jun gege… I’m scared of thunder…” (இ﹏இ’。)

“Go look for your mom.” ( ̄□ ̄)

“I can’t go upstairs …. it’s scary…. It’s dark…. Jun gege will you please bring me there.” (☍﹏⁰)

Aya! Its’ really scary out their ok big brother… so you have to come help this old aunty upstairs… but would you want to see that woman hehehe… ( ̄︶ ̄;)

Li Jun mouth twitch, he felt very hesitant, children were generally very annoying and loud, every New Year’s and other occasion those distant relatives would come to mingle and tighten their relationships, the children they brought all had bright wonderful eyes, booting licking*elder people with other intentions, Li Jun disliked them very much, should he look for the steward? Seeing the sleepy and tired child, Li Jun wrinkled his eyebrows deeply. Whatever it’s too late: “Come in.”

Eh?! ⊙▂⊙ he let me in in his room? (゜◇゜) Gu Jiao stood up stupidly looking at Li Jun, standing right where as she was! She never had forgotten how extremely cold his brother was, he was the kind of person who kept people a thousand miles away from him. She was very surprise that Li Jun accepted her just like that…?

So what now?

She wasn’t really expecting this… She just tried to do so… if it failed, she’ll just keep on following Li Jun without that old hag knowing… But as the time pass by having a staring contest.

Gu Jiao who had a calcium deficiency, her legs had started to hurt after standing for a while, she stretched his hand out to rub it and relieve it, when Li Jun stood up and scoop her and laid her to the bed.

Gu Jiao mouth was left wide open in surprise! (☼Д☼)

‘what happen! To my brother! Who is this person!’ Σ(゜゜)

“Why aren’t you still closing your eyes to sleep?”

Gu Jiao close her mouth then open it again. Li Jun upon seeing it got irritated: “You be good or go back and sleep!”

Then a loud thunder was heard with pouring of rain. Gu Jiao who got surprise gave a yelp and hid behind the quilt. Li Jun lifted his brow thinking children are easily scared. Then continue reading.

After some time, Li Jun put down his book and look at the child beside her. Seeing her head that was peeking out of the quilt, Li Jun lowered his head and observe this sister, inside his eyes was a field of cold, where was there even a hint of warmth? Then after that he switch off the bedside lamp and went to sleep beside Gu Jiao.

Early the next morning, after Gu Jiao woke up, she awkwardly realized that she was already alone on the big bed. Her big brother was already gone. Gu Jiao then observe her brother’s room.

Li Jun’s room have a heavy aura, that’s not right, it should be that all the furniture and whatnot were all gray and black? Is his inner heart very dark? Gu Jiao stumbled over her legs, getting out of the bed. And out of her brother’s room to her room thru the adjoining door.

Breakfast was prepared thoroughly and was oversees by Gu Fan, she had probably woken up before the sky was bright, and busied herself for several hours, her intentions of currying favour were clear. Food that was prepared were all the favorite of the old man and Li Cheng.

What a hard-working mother you forgot to include mine and brother’s favorite you know and don’t you know I’m allergic to seafood? (◕︿◕✿)…. And all the things you prepared are…. What a loving mother you are…

As everyone busied them self on the food Gu Jiao just kept to herself. Li Jun upon seeing her like this: “Why aren’t you eating?”

“Eh?! I… I’m allergic to seafood… specially shelled ones….”

Li Jun looking around the table and catching the attention of the elder. Li Wei and Li Cheng then look at Gu Fan with a furrow brow as if mocking her… ‘you’re the mother and you don’t know your daughter is allergic to seafood?’

Gu Fan then gave a threatening glared to Gu Jiao…

Hey don’t look at me like that its not my fault you didn’t asked ok? (⋟﹏⋞)


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