Chapter 9 Part 3

Back to the Palace Part 3


“Exactly.” Mo Jian Chen replied.

“Look up and look at the Ai Jia.” The Empress Dowager softly ordered.

[Ai Jia- I, me (self-referring by a widowed empress)]

Gu Yi Ning shyly raised her head, but his eyes just looked at the Empress Dowager, she immediately shyly removed the eyes, perhaps because in front of the person the aura is too strong, so that she dare not directly look at it.

“Haha, isn’t the Eight Princess shy to see Ai Jia?” The Empress Dowager looked at her blushing face, Gu Yi Ning, and couldn’t help but smile. The woman with such a lovely personality, she looks good and her eyes are clear, she looks well-behaved, giving a simple and beautiful feeling. This kind of sophisticated woman is really rare in the palace.

“Don’t be afraid, Ai Jia will not eat you. Chen er has really good vision, married a princess like you.” The Empress Dowager looked at Gu Yi Ning with relief, women’s eyes can be said to be the most accurate, the first she saw Gu Yi Ning. At a glance, Gu Yi Ning has a kind of unspeakable love. Compared with Yun Xiang Qi, Gu Yi Ning gave her a much better feeling than Yun Xiang Qi. Yun Xiang Qi is eloquent, but she did not like such a woman very much.

“No, no … I … “Gu Yi Ning was suddenly stunned, silently lowered her head, what should she call herself in front of the Empress Dowager? But no matter what the name, should not be so direct, “Chen qie* … Chen**…… Cao Nu***…”

[Chen qie*- I, your servant (self-appellation of a lower-rank female)

Chen** – I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign)

Cao Nu- rough Daughter:female:woman]

“Sun Xi* will do it.” Mo Jian Chen couldn’t really listen to it anymore, and quietly reminded her on the sidelines.

[Sun Xi – grandson’s daughter-in-law]

“Oh Oh, oh, grandson’s wife…” Gu Yi Ning raised her head again and looked at the empress, “grandson’s wife-did not greet so well at royal grandmother …” and said it, and smiled shyly.

The Empress Dowager saw her, kept smiling that she couldn’t help laughing, the eight princesses is really different. 

Just as the Empress Dowager wanted to say something, a cat sound suddenly interrupted her.

Everyone looked at the sound, it was actually a cat, and the kitten constantly rubbing at the feet of Mo Jian Chen.

Mo Jian Chen eyes are tight, immediately caught the cat, turned around, then threw it out of the palace.

“Chen Er doesn’t have to be so sensitive.” The Empress Dowager’s peaceful voice came through his back.

“But doesn’t the royal grandmother hate cats?” Asked Mo Jian Chen, puzzled.

“Ai Jia did not hate cats, just allergic to cats hair, The same was true when the previous emperor was alive. Everywhere he was careful, he would dispose of it when he saw the cat,” The Empress smiled, “You are really extremely alike with the previous emperor.” “

Mo Jian Chen, is the Empress Dowager’s favorite royal grandson, not only because he is in some ways similar to the first emperor, in her eyes, he is the most unique and outstanding one of the emperor descendant.

After a few words of greeting, Mo Jian Chen left the palace first, and Gu Yi Ning left to continue to chat with the empress dowager.

After a long time, Gu Yi Ning walked out of the palace, but did not see Mo Jian Chen’s figure, only his personal bodyguard who stayed aside.

“Bai Ye, What about Mo Jian Chen?” “Gu Yi Ning asked, puzzled.

“There it is.” “The Bai Ye pointed to the corner on the side.

Gu Yi Ning looked in the direction of his fingers, what did the man do in the corner?

She quietly approached Mo Jian Chen, and finally, walked to his side, slightly bent down, curiously watching him.

Wait a minute…… She’s not mistaken, is she? The eight prince who just threw the cat out without mercy are now here … snuggling a cats?!


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