Chapter 9 Part 2

Back to the Palace Part 2


Thinking of this, Gu Yi Ning couldn’t help but to feel the hair behind her stood up, and then suddenly seemed to think of something. She immediately opened the quilt and jumped out of bed – the sheets were still clean. Could it be that this man also sleep inside quilt?

“Miss, what are you thinking about?” The maid looked at Gu Yi Ning inexplicably.

“Nothing…” Gu Yi Ning wave her hand and seemed to have not slowed down from the shock from the fright that had taken her by surprise.

After taking care of the preparation, Huan’er walked Gu Yi Ning to Ming Xian Zhai.

“Good morning, eight Princess! “Familiar voice passed from behind, Gu Yi Ning turned around, and came to the front of the Li Jun.

He is still a young boy, and his mouth is slightly raised, and it makes people feel comfortable.

“Good Morning, Li Jun.” Li Jun seems to be an infectious person. Looking at him smiling, Gu Yi Ning also smiled involuntarily.

“What are you doing here?” Li Jun looked at Gu Yi Ning curiously.

“Caame to look for Mo Jian Chen.” Gu Yi Ning licked her mouth and seemed to be somewhat reluctant.

“Ah! Looking for Mo Jian Chen! He has been reading in there!” Li Jun turn towards Ming Xian Zhai to see Mo Jian Chen who was holding a book in his hand, his mouth slightly rising upwards, and the early morning sun lazily pours in His face like a fixed painting. “He seems to be in a good mood today. From the morning to the present, I see him smiling all the time!

“Come back from the morning? “Gu Yi Ning raised her eyebrows and asked Li Jun,” Where has he gone? “


“Didn’t he came from your Zhi Yuan Pavilion?” Li Jun asked, and last night he looked for Mo Jian Chen to play chess, but he refused to accompany him. Chess, also said that he had to go to Gu Yi Ning, which made him, Li Jun play himself with chess for one night, and he was almost became schizophrenic.

“You’re finally here.” “The low male voice slid leisurely into the ears of Gu Yi Ning, she raised her eyes, and found that Mo Jian Chen was already standing before her.

When Gu Yi Ning was about to ask something, she was interrupted by Mo Jian Chen’s voice “Let’s go back to the palace”.

Gu Yi Ning reluctantly sighed, and with Mo Jian Chen, she got on the carriage again.

The journey from the Eight Prince Palace to the Royal Palace did not seem to be very far. It didn’t take long for the carriage came to a halt. Gu Yi Ning jumped off the carriage after getting out.

In front of her, it is a grandiose.

“Wow!~” Gu Yi Ning looked up and couldn’t help but sigh. She was like a countryman who just entered the city. She was excited to pull a corner of Mo Jian Chen clothes. “Mo Jian Chen Mo Jian Chen! This palace is so beautiful! Ah! Did you grow up here when you were younger?”

Mo Jian Chen’s eyes glanced at Gu Yi Ning. He listened and felt disgusted. He could see Gu Yi Ning’s innocent face, and unexpectedly made him feel she was a little cute: “Well, After we went in, remember to change my name to Wang Ye.”

“Yes, Wang Ye~” Gu Yi Ning said with respect to Mo Jian Chen.

Mo Jian Chen did not give too much care, turned and walked to the palace.

For a long time did not come here, a place like the sea, the seemingly magnificent palace, how many people are treating you sincerely here?

Gu Yi Ning followed all the way behind Mo Jian Chen, and looked at the west and looked at the palace gate of the Empress Dowager unconsciously.

“Wait!” Gu Yi Ning called on Mo Jian Chen and tried to move on.

Mo Jian Chen stopped his footsteps, turned back, and looked at Gu Yi Ning puzzledly.

“I…what do I see when I call the Empress Dowager?” Gu Yi Ning looked nervously at Mo Jian Chen who was in front of her, it was her first time to enter the palace, she didn’t know, in case she was wrong. Isn’t it big?

“You just have to followed this prince.” Mo JIan Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning, this woman was so nervous, small hands have been tugging her skirt, which was almost wrinkled by her, he took a step toward Gu Yi Ning, reached out and held her small hand.

The cold little hand was clasped tightly in the palm of his hand with a big warm palm and Gu Yi Ning raised his head with a flattering look: “Wang Ye…”

“Don’t be afraid, there is this Prince.” Mo Jian Chen pulled Gu Yi Ning hand went to the palace.

“Empress, Grandmother.” Mo Jian Chen went up to the Emperor and saluted respectfully. Then he took a gift.

“The Empress … Empress Dowager! “Gu Yi Ning learned to copy the appearance of Mo Jian Chen also gave a salute, she lowered her head, simply dare not look up at the Empress Dowager in front of her.

“Hey, this is the eight Princess you insist on?” The Queen Mother looked at Gu Yi Ning in front of him.

“Chen Er, this is the eight princesses you are determined to marry? “The Empress Dowager looked at the Gu Yi Ning in front of her.

“Exactly.” Mo Jian Chen replied.

“Look up and look at the Ai Jia.” The Empress Dowager softly ordered.

[Ai Jia- I, me (self-referring by a widowed empress)]


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