Chapter 9 Part 1

Back to the Palace Part 1


The glare of the morning sun made Gu Yi Ning wake up from her dreams. She put on her clothes, got up and sat on the bed, scratching her hair.

“Miss, you finally woke up!” The maid walked toward Gu Yi Ning’s bed.

Gu Yi Ning did not pay attention to her, but tried to think back to the dream he had last night, who was that strange voice? Who is that strange voice? Why did she come here? Is that what the mystery man did?

Think again of the dream she asked the mysterious person what the task is, and the man’s answer was that she could not recall it, but vaguely remembered the man telling her how she would come back.

“Miss, which dress are you going to wear today? “The murmur of the maid again passed into her ear.

Without any response, Gu Yi Ning continued to ponder, what did he say?

“Miss, the eight prince said that they want to go back to the palace today, the color of the clothes does not have to be too bright, the Empress Dowager will not like it.”

There is still no response.

Gu Yi Ning was so lost in her thoughts, so that Huan’er had to wonder if it was a wooden man in front of her.

“Miss, the eight Prince let the slaves wait for the young lady to get up and take the lady to Ming Xian Zhai.” The child continued to whisper. 

Unknowingly not only was Gu Yi Ning awaken by the incessant chatter from her pondering, but also from a few strange words that made Gu Yi Ning lift her head from thinking: “Ming Xian Zhai?” 

“Ming Xian Zhai is the place where the Eight Prince often stay. Yeah!” The nephew introduced to Gu Yi Ning on the side. 

 “When did you talk to you?” Gu Yi Ning asked curiously.

“Wang Ye told the slaves when he left the pavilion this morning.” The maidservant answered. 

This morning? Leaving the Pavilion? ! Gu Yi Ning looked at the maid in front of her incredulously. The whole person was like a fried hair: “What are you talking about?! Leaving the Pavilion?!” 

“Yeah, wasn’t Wang Ye always in Miss’s Chamber last night?” The child looked at Gu Yi Ning puzzled, and since the king went in, he has never seen him come out.

“Aren’t you mistaken? “Gu Yi Ning firmly asked, last night Mo Jian Chen clearly let himself out of the room.

“Maidservant will never mistake Eight Prince’s appearance.” Huan’er also firmly said, eight Prince’s appearance is very good, in the mansion with a glance can recognize which is eight Prince, not to mention these days every day can see him, certainly will not be wrong.

Gu Yi Ning did not speak, her eyes were full of confusion, then was it that the stinky man sneaked in the middle of the night and come in?

 Thinking of this, Gu Yi Ning couldn’t help but  to feel the hair behind her stood up, and then suddenly seemed to think of something. She immediately opened the quilt and jumped out of bed – the sheets were still clean. Could it be that this man also sleep inside quilt? 


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