Chapter 89




… Li Cheng runs the red light several times and makes his way as quickly as he can to Li Qiang’s and his sibling’s location. 

It is a good thing Li Cheng hadn’t gone home yet to S City and stayed at the capital to do some business after visiting Li Jun’s penthouse the other day. Or else he would die from worrying after receiving this kind of message. 

He already regrets what happened before when Li Jun was hospitalized, and he wasn’t able to come as quick as possible. When he finally arrived at the hospital and saw his beautiful daughter’s red eyes who was peacefully sleeping beside Li Jun and Li Jun’s dark face at that time, he knew that he was not able to do his duty as a father. He let his little princess cry alone and let Li Jun suffer like that. 

He blames himself for not protecting them; he is a failure as a father. That’s why he promised that when one of his children is in any danger, he will drop everything even if it’s losing billions of dollars. Nothing is more important than his children. He doesn’t have the heart to let his beautiful princess or any of his children get hurt.

Maybe he should buy a house here at the capital and live here with his children, especially since his daughter is going to stay here for the next school year for university. And he could transfer Li Qiang here to study as well. 

While thinking about it, the temptation off living here in the capital is really strong. Maybe he should discuss this with Gu Fan and Old Man Li at home.

The most likely to disagree would be Old Man Li. He much prefers to stay in S city where it is not as chaotic as the capital, and the influence of their family in their hometown is much stronger than in S city. He won’t agree on relocating especially since he is already dissatisfied with Gu Jiao studying in the capital for next year. 

Li Wei doesn’t want Gu Jiao to study far from home. He will miss her, she is his only playmate that could sit with him and accompany him with his boring chess play. Although Li Qiang will also play with him, he is still a child that can’t stay in one place for over 5 minutes. It was already a miracle when Li Qiang would accompany the old man for an hour. 

Gu Jiao is the only one at home who has the patience to sit with him. Li Jun is a different matter for the old man, although Li Jun will also play with him when he is home, Li Jun’s case is a given because he will stay wherever Gu Jiao stays. 

That’s why Grandpa Li grows fonder of Gu Jiao every day. He would be depressed if they talk about Gu Jiao studying in the capital. Old man Li will sulk for a day, and only his granddaughter can coax him. His daughter is truly amazing, making everyone dance on her small little hands without her knowing. 

Li Cheng is thinking about how to persuade his father to let them stay here in the capital, or he can also invite him to live here. Maybe he should let Gu Jiao coax his father to come to live here. Li Cheng narrows his eyes; he is sure his idea would come true hundred percent with his daughter’s cooperation. 

Li Cheng, who is still driving, is a little anxious. Although he is a little reassured that they will be fine and no harm will come to them with Li Jun there, he is still worried seeing that his daughter is crying. He wants to be there for her if there is anything that isn’t right. 


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