Chapter 88




Li Qiang narrows his eyes in suspicion. He feels like something is wrong. He carefully observes his brother, somehow he has this ridiculous notion that his brother intentionally did this?

Right, he should call his father and inform him of what happened. Looking at his hysterical sister who hasn’t calmed down yet, he sighs. They have been enjoying their sight-seeing for the past few days. Why is today so wrong, it all started with that snake! I hate snakes they make your day miserable, Li Qiang is whining in his heart while patting his big sister’s pocket to get her phone… 

Li Jun notices him, raises an eyebrow, and shoots him a questioning look. 

Li Qiang said “Call. Father!” 

Li Jun nods his head, pats Gu Jiao’s back, and takes his phone out with his other hand from his pocket and gives it to Li Qiang. 

Li Qiang furrows his brow, tilting his head to the side. He shows his sister’s phone to indicate that he already has one to call his father. 

“Blocked.” Li Jun calmly spit out that one word to him which explains everything to him. 

Li Qiang’s face turns black; stupid father blocks their number so petty. If he is so envious, he should just come over here and accompany them. You’re not my favorite man anymore. Tsk! Tsk! 

Li Qiang dials his father’s number. While waiting for the call to connect, he continues to observe the two beside him. 

Li Cheng finishes everything he has to do in the office. He leisurely sits in his office chair. He is quite excited about the picnic that is happening next week. He is attending to his work in advance so he can come to their picnic and have a few days off so he can be with his children. He has been busy finishing everything that needs his attention. Now he is done for the day and is relaxing when his phone rings. 

When he glances at it and sees Li Jun’s name, he is surprised and immediately answers the call. 

He knows it is an emergency; Li Jun is not the type of person who calls anyone without reason, except of course for his daughter. Li Jun will still call her even if he doesn’t have a reason to or have anything to talk about with her. That bast@rd doesn’t know how to repay his debts to him, only knows how to curry favor to his daughter. Humph! 

Li Cheng answers the phone when it connects he hears Li Qiang’s cute voice greeting him. 

“Father?! Come pick us up.” 

Li Cheng is puzzled. He looks at his phone, and it clearly states on the screen that it is Li Jun’s number. Li Cheng asks his youngest son: “Where is your brother? Why is his phone on you? What happened?” 

After the series of question, Li Qiang doesn’t know where to start, so he just takes a picture of the two sitting on the bench and sends it to his father and ends the call. 

Li Cheng is surprised when he hears a sobbing sound then when he doesn’t hear Li Qiang answer, he is about to repeat himself when he hears the tone indicating the call has been ended. He looks at his phone and is about to return the call when he receives a message with a picture attached. He curiously opens it. 

He stands up immediately after seeing the message and takes his coat and runs outside. He doesn’t even give his secretary and Gu Fan who are talking outside any heads up and just quickly leaves towards the elevator. 

Gu Fan is surprised when she sees her husband in a hurry to leave. She tries to follow him, but she isn’t able to get on the elevator he hopped onto. 

She pulls out her phone and tries to call him, but she can’t connect. The service keeps saying he is on another call. 


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