Chapter 87




At first, Li Jun just wanted to scare his sister. 

When he saw the excitement on her face while looking at the crocodiles and the way she struggled to free her hand to feed those hideous creatures, he got jealous. He then thought of a mischievous idea that would direct his sister’s excitement to him and only him. 

Li Jun intentionally let the crocodiles catch the fishing hook; then by not letting the rod go, he allows the crocodile to pull him to the edge of the railing. 

He can feel that Gu Jiao is frozen then he feels a force pulling his arms towards her. 

When Li Jun hears her frightened shout to let go of the rod, his heart twinges with guilt. But he still holds onto the rod and allows the force of the crocodile to pull him. 

He sees all of the people panicking outside the cage. Then he feels a warm body on his back, and it starts to feel wet. He looks back to see his sister clinging to him tightly and is already crying. 

Li Jun’s conscience pokes him, and when he hears the frozen instructor react at last to say to let go off the rod, he does. He staggers a little with Gu Jiao on his back who is still pulling him in the opposite direction. 

“Jiao’er it’s fine now. Loosen up a little so that I can face you.” Li Jun said soothingly. 

His sister has cried a lot of times today, and now he really did something outrageous to make her cry. He is now regretting his pettiness. 

Gu Jiao unconsciously follows his instruction and loosens her grip. When he faces her she tightly hugs him again then she wraps her legs around his hips like a koala bear hugging a branch. She is scared that if she ever let’s go she would lose him and the crocodile would feast on his body happily. 

She doesn’t want to lose him. She now knows that she really loves him. To accept the fact while her brother is in danger is kind of…. 

Well, she doesn’t care anymore; she just doesn’t want Li Jun to die or get hurt. She doesn’t know when she fell in love with him; the thing is she loves him dearly, and that is a fact she can’t run away from. 

Li Jun supports her body that is clinging to him. He holds her buttocks, so she doesn’t slip. Maybe he is regretting that he made her cry, but he will never regret the way she is clinging to him right now. 

The instructor leads them out of the cage. Amongst the commotion happening, Li Jun just calmly makes his way out carrying his beloved sister. 

The people that Li Jun passes by are all stunned that the young man who was about to be eaten by crocodiles is calm and not scared at all. Instead, they can see how scared the one who is clinging like a koala bear in his arms is, the arms that encircle his neck are as white as paper, and they are visibly trembling. 

Li Jin makes their way towards the frozen Li Qiang at the waiting lounge. He sits down on the bench and starts patting Gu Jiao’s back. 

Li Qiang recovers from the spectacle, looks to his side, and sees a calm Li Jun soothing his sister. A suspicion arises in his heart. He is to calm for someone who just faced a life-threatening situation. Li Qiang watches a lot of action movies at home and no matter who the character is or how calm and collected they are in the face of death, they all portray a scared look. So why is his brother not scared at all? He exudes the temperament of the usual brother he knows like nothing has happened and his sister is just throwing a tantrum that he needs to coax for her to stop…


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