Chapter 86




Li Qiang’s enthusiasm came back after looking at the tiger exhibit. He enjoys seeing the ferocious animals. He has a new favorite animal; they look so mighty and strong! He remembers his big brother Li Jun from a little while ago. He looked like this animal who was ready to attack its prey. He glances at his big brother, and when he sees how he is right now, he takes back his statement that he looks like a tiger. Now he looks like a pet dog trailing his owner while wagging his tail. Little Qiang covers his face. He is ashamed that his brother is reduced to this! Where is the fierceness, the predatory aura from a while ago!? Boooo! Brother is so lame… ( ̄ε ̄)

Next, they walk over to the crocodile farm where Li Jun and Gu Jiao feed the cage full of crocodiles. 

Gu Jiao is the one who wants to feed the crocodiles. At first, she thinks it is challenging; when the instructor gives them a lecture and some information about the crocodiles, Gu Jiao is enthralled. She never knew that crocodiles open their mouths wide underwater in a river, waiting for fishes. The instructor explained that it is how they usually hunt. So when a crocodile opens its mouth for a very long time, it means it is waiting for food. 

She looks at the cage when the instructor finishes talking, she sees a whole lot of crocodiles with their mouths wide open and observes that they look like statues. 

When they enter the area, she thinks that they are all crocodile statues because they seem as if they are frozen. She is surprised when the crocodile in front of her that she is observing suddenly moves. 

She is pretty excited to enter the bridge above the crocodile pool that is inside the cage. Li Jun is still holding her hand. Li Qiang is left behind with a sour face. He insisted at first that he would tag along, but the policy at the crocodile cage won’t allow children below 15 years old. The instructor said it be a traumatic experience for the young ones. That’s why Li Qiang is left at the waiting area, with a displeased face and is sulking while he finds his seat as they are entering the cage. 

Gu Jiao and Li Jun have already arrived at the center point of the bridge. They have an instructor who guides them and is the one who is holding the bucket of meat to feed to the crocodiles. 

Li Jun is the one who first tries to feed them. He is given a fishing rod with a piece of meat on it, and then he slowly lowers the meat down into the waiting mouths. All this is done with only his one hand. He is really stubborn about holding her hand; Gu Jiao doesn’t know if she should laugh or cry… Her one hand has turned invalid. 

When the meat is within reach of a crocodile maw, Gu Jiao is scared silly. The crocodiles, as if smelling delicious food, rush on top of each other with their mouths open, she can see them clambering around each other below her feet through the gaps of the wooden planks of the bridge. 

Suddenly, she feels Li Jun stagger, when she sees that the crocodile is pulling her brother, she panics: “Brother! Let the rod go!” 

She pulls Li Jun towards her. She is terrified, thinking that her beloved brother is in danger, being pulled down by these vicious animals. 

Gu Jiao can’t stand the idea of both of them being devoured by these hungry monsters. Look they’re even climbing up on each other’s backs creating a ladder just to eat some food… Buhuhu why is her brother still not letting go of the fishing rod. She can already feel the powerful tug of the crocodile, her big brother is already leaning over the railing of the bridge, and it looks like he is about to fall off… 


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